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Build Reports / Bixonic Expandora
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:24:00 PM »
Hello everyone!A guy asked me for a clone of a Bixonic Expandora, which I didn't know about, and I've discovered an interesting circuit.I designed a PCB and ordered it with OSH Park. I've choose to use a 2P4T rotary switch in place of the original internal DIP switches.
Everything turns great and you can see the results.
I've 1 PCB left over If someone is interested.
Thanks for reading!

Build Reports / Some recent builds
« on: June 30, 2018, 02:21:23 AM »
Hi everyone!
Here's some builds I've done this last 6 months.
I've spent most of January & February playing with the littles synth thingy I've done in the end of 2017 and I've started building again in March.

1st, a Tenebrion reverb with some minor mods on the tone stack for a friend.
It's a single sided layout and it is one of my nicest one. Boards mounted pots. All the jumpers are under the brick.
If it's okay with Grind Custom FX, I'll share this layout some day.
Gut shot only 'cause I've forgot to take any of the box! It was plain, so nothing to see here.

Next is a Peach Fuzz work-alike.
I've design the PCB for 1590B for the guy wanted it in a 1590BB.
I've done something I've never thought of on this one: I've printed the top silkscreen on a cheap transparent sticker paper and put it on the board. I wish I had thought of that for my single sided Total Recall build!

I've make some mistake for the sticker so it's not perfect you can see the drilling indication for the LED.

And the guts shot. I had to add a circuit for buffering and splitting the clean signal to make a Blend control.

At last, something I'm proud of.
It's a very simple 6 square waves generator based on the CD40106 chip. I took my time on designing this one and It turn great.
The top speak for itself.

The inside may look messy but it is in fact well organized. I could have shorten the wires a little bit.

I've a few board for this one left, If anyone is interested.

I almost forgot. I've redo the sticker for my Ginger build:

Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone,
I will use this thread to make a small log of my adventure in building the Etcher's Paradise version of the Total Recall delay.
When I've seen Brian's post about this one I've knew that I'll build it someday. It looked so big! Very impressive. And when Paul gave me the opportunity to get the Xvive MN3005 at a bargain, I knew time was arrived.

1st Step, Etching the board.

For this one, I've stop using ferric chloride and tried sodium persulfate. It works great. A little bit slower but great results.
First board was a fail. I've just made a knew revelator mix and maybe it was too light.
This is the result after more than 1 hour of etching:

2nd board is perfect. 20 minutes of etching:

Tech Help - Etcher's Paradise / Narosla Verified
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:36:09 PM »
Build without difficulty. It's now verified. You can see my build report here:

Build Reports / Narosla (Xotic EP Booster)
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:35:11 PM »
I everyone!
Simple build for a friend who repaired a bike for me. He will try it this week and let me know if it's OK for his taste.
I'm a little bit ashamed by this one because of the scratch at the top of the sticker and the inside is a little bit stupid, but I post the photos anyway because it's now a verified Etcher's Paradise project!
I've haded a Road Rage to make it run on 18V. It work great to my hears.
The pot and switchs are strangely placed because I've used an enclosure already drilled that was taking the dust... so I had to make the better use of the already drilled holes.
The design is just a quick thing done with inkscape, mainly to cover some awfully drilled holes!

Build Reports / Plain Black Bear Hug compressor
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:48:42 PM »
A quick build from early august. I wanted to post it at the time but my schedule went crazy.
Not much to see on this one. I design and etched the PCB myself. If someone is interested in the PCB layout, let me know, I'll post it in the members section.
It was a request from a musician friend and he's very happy with it. It goes very well with his playing style. Jazz-like.
Thank you Jon for this design!

General Questions / Paul in the lab's CMOS Theremin faint sound
« on: September 14, 2017, 11:03:21 AM »
Hello everyone,
I've design a single sided PCB and build this CMOS pseudo-theremin:
It seems to work a attended except that the output is very faint.
If I set my guitar amp at a level that would be OK for my guitar, the cmos theremin is barely audible.
My questions: does someone here have built this project? Is it the normal behavior?
Thanks in advance!

Tech Help - Etcher's Paradise / BandWrecker Verified
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:24:39 PM »
Alright, this one is verified and it's a massive fuzz/distortion chaos!
I used a spare LDR and a yellow LED, and it seems to work as expected.
I'll post a picture of the finished board tomorrow.

Open Discussion / Advise for a simple DIY hi-fi amp
« on: July 13, 2017, 08:38:14 AM »
Hi everyone,
my hi-fi amp stop working correctly and I'm thinking about building one myself.
I need something very simple: one stereo input, one stereo output for speakers, and volume.
It's just for going from my computer to my speakers (8 ohm, 75W)...
Does anyone have done that here? Any advice or projects?

Open Discussion / What pedal to make a bass sound like a guitar?
« on: June 21, 2017, 02:11:48 PM »
Hi everyone,
someone asked me an effect to make his bass sound more like a guitar. What circuit would you suggest?
Any advice?

Build Reports / Twin Peaks lives in many ways
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:23:47 AM »
To celebrate the return on earth of Special Agent Dale Cooper, here's my David Drolo's Twin Peaks build report.
Populating the PCB went well and the effect fired right away. Putting it in a case was less easy, but I took my time, thinking about the fact that if I was able to wait 25 years to see Twin Peaks lives again, I could wait a few hours to play with this beauty.
Many, many thanks to David for this design and for the last group buy.
I don't have good words for describing the quality of this effect. It's just amazing.
Bye to you all, I'm going to drink my coffee now.

Build Reports / Madbean Zero Point DD
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:33:13 AM »
Hi everyone,
my first Build Report! But not my first build.
It's a Zero Point Dual Delay with minor mods for the tone and feedback, and a tone control in the style of Midwayfair's Hamlet Delay.
I've build it last summer but didn't have an enclosure. I finally reuse an enclosure badly drilled for a LowRider.
The delay is great, and I think the tone pot is a nice addition for taming the noise on longer delay time.
Etienne (Zombie Sonore)

Tech Help - Projects Page / EHX - OLD Low Frequency Compressor
« on: January 18, 2015, 07:16:43 AM »
Hello everybody,
a friend of mine give this very nice effect.
It works properly but only with battery and I would like to modify it and put a DC jack.
The problem is that I've trouble understanding the wiring and really what kind of current this effect needs.
It use 2 9V Battery and I don't know if it needs 18V or maybe bipolar 9V...
I was thinking using a "road rage" board but if it need bipolar supply, I don't know how to do it...
For info, the switch at the top is an on/off switch.
Can you help me?

Tech Help - Projects Page / Harbinger One -- Light On but no flashing...
« on: November 13, 2014, 08:53:55 AM »
Hello everybody,
again, it's time for a complex build (for me, anyway!)
Everything seems in place, there's sound but no sweep. The bulb light is working and seems bright enough but there's no flashing, like if the LFO was not working...
I've tried different transistor in Q13: MPSA18/14, BC108C, nothing change.
Is it normal that there's almost 0V on each pin of VOL and INT ?
Does anyone have any idea?
Thanks in advance!

Some Voltages:
1# 1.06  5# 0.2
2# 4.99  6# 2.6
3# 0.01  7# 1.48
4# 0.01  8# 9.07

I# 17.08
G# 0
O# 16.24

Q1: C# 2.13  B#0.9    E#1.01
Q2: C# 4.17  B# 2.13 E# 1.52
Q3: C# 13.17 B# 4.19 E# 3.74
Q4: C# 17.0  B# 4.8  E# 4.95
Q5: C# 12.6  B# 4.95  E# 4.36
Q6: C# 17.15 B# 4.85  E# 4.99
Q7: C# 12.7  B# 4.99 E# 4.40
Q8: C# 17.14  B# 4.84  E# 4.97
Q9: C# 12.7  B# 4.96 E# 4.37
Q10: C# 17.13  B# 6.15  E# 6.33
Q11: C# 16.29  B# 4.50  E# 8.60
Q12: C# 16.26  B# 8.95  E# 8.41
Q13: C# 3.82  B# 1.18  E#0.49 (2n5088)
Q14: G# 0 S# 0.6 D# 17.04


Hello everyone,
I'm French so please excuse my poor English.

First, I would like to thanks Madbean for putting so many great DIY projects! I've build many of them and they're all awesome.

Now, I've tried to build the AquaBoy Deluxe. I've order 2 MN3008 and 2 v3205 so I have the choice. I used both with MN3101 clock.
After having trouble with the MN3008 I switched to v3205. But now, I think the problem is not here.
The problem is: there's delay sound on IC4 pin 3, but none on the output of the board, just clean sound.
I think of a mix problem or a feedback problem.
I've triple checked everything. I've checked resistors/diodes/pots/trim values. I don't know where to start looking for.
So, if anyone have any idea, I take it!


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