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Open Discussion / NBD
August 17, 2019, 10:41:36 AM

My wife and I met our seventh little Esau yesterday at 9:31am.  She's my third daughter, enjoys hobbies such as eating frequently, sleeping, and soiling linens.  She's perfect as most babies seem to be, no exception to the rule with her.  Meet Sunday Isabel Loveall Esau.  You can call her Sunny, or Sunny Belle if you want to get all fancy.

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Open Discussion / Super freaking bummer. Pup died.
July 08, 2019, 03:56:44 AM
I had mentioned in the new doggo thread a few days ago that our good girl Maggie Lou had pups six weeks ago.  My favorite pup of the litter died in my hands tonight.  She choked on puppy food and though I cleared her throat quick she was just gone so fast.  I did puppy mouth to mouth, puppy CPR, but no, just gone for good.  Her name was Pinky, I loved her, was gonna keep her.  A good good girl.  I'm heartbroken.  Kids were all in bed already and don't know.  It's gonna be such a sad morning for them tomorrow, my heart is so heavy about it. 
Open Discussion / Laser recommendations?
January 04, 2019, 11:58:10 AM
I am reaching the point where I'd like to be cutting my own flatwork and parts for pickups and eyelet boards for amps, I need to be able to cleanly cut 0.093" Forbon (resin impregnated paperboard) and 0.25" maple.  Something like a Glowforge is appealing because it looks like the workflow to go from idea to cut product is very small and replicatiing parts I am buying would be very easy.  Are there better options you guys are working with?

Gonna be selling this pair on Reverb, I may have noodled/bleeped/blooped heavily.  For some reason audio doesn't start until around the 40 second mark.  You can probably see where the fuzz kicks in...

The Bends is a NPN PastyFace using OC141 transistors and a mix of the suggested old skool values, volume pot is 100k because the gain is plenty.  Oceanic Deluxe was in the wild for 4 years, then I bought it back from a random guy on Reverb, seems like it changed hands at ILF a few times.  Single PT2399 Zero Point Micro into a Rub-a-Dub Deluxe, hardwired, only one footswitch for a master bypass.
Open Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving!
November 23, 2017, 07:19:55 PM
Happy Thanksgiving folks!
Open Discussion / Roknfnrol demos my pickups. Again!!!
September 03, 2017, 01:10:09 AM

Full circle.  I got into pickup winding because of Mike Nix' (Roknfnrol) demo of Mick Manlius' Broadcaster pickups.  I was just blown away, and kept building and selling pedals to get enough extra dough together to get a set but ended up using that money on bills/kids/life instead time and time again.  So I decided to build a winder, literally a drill strapped to a board (Cody will remember this!) and I wound some pickups, and some more, and some more, and then I sold some, and some more, and some more, and some more!  Then I built a better winder (hello accurate turns counter!) and really hit my stride, being able to repeat a set to the same spec very accurately.  That was a huge step forward.  Fast forward to today.  Mike requested a set for review, I was happy to send him some, and now things have come around full circle.  Enjoy his chops, cause they are wayyyyy better than mine!
Hey guys, the wife and I are looking to move to Georgia at the end of this school year.  With all our kiddos we need a little farm, and a bigger house.  My wife has gotten her reciprocal teaching license, and has applied for some jobs  for the next school year.  I'm flying into Atlanta early morning March 2, hiring a rental car, and traveling to the counties where she has applied to get the lay of the land. 

Any of you guys in GA?
Any advice, about GA?
Open Discussion / Holiday PIFs are away
January 31, 2017, 12:13:58 PM
Hey guys who won a PIF from me this holiday season, they should reach you in the next few days.  Check your package carefully as there are some little bonus prizes in there.
Open Discussion / NBD V.6
January 13, 2017, 01:37:57 PM
Meet Jedidiah Raymundo Esau:

Born January 12, 2017
7lb 4oz, 20 in tall.

He is the sixth "arrow in our quiver" and the other kids decided his name is actually Jedi Ray! 
Mods / Some Moodring mods, pretty useful!
February 25, 2015, 08:25:24 PM
   I don't think these mods do everything that has been asked about the Moodring, but I did find them to be useful for making it quite a lot different than the stock build, way more into the ambient noise direction.  Keeping T1 set lower seems to help a lot with the "white noise" issue I have read about.  Perhaps ditching the Muff tone stack and going to the Rub-A-Dub Deluxe or Tenebrion style tone control would allow you to run it even lower for less hiss.  Enjoy:

Starting at IC1A, an input level control, lifted straight from the Dirtbaby build doc, 1M will give some boost and grit, 500k is about unity gain at 95% rotation in my build, a hair of boost beyond that.

Next up, don't connect lug 3 of the dwell pot to the PCB pad 3, run a wire with a 1k5 resistor to the signal side of D3 and D4, now you have a delay line feedback loop as you'd find in a normal PT2399 delay circuit, yay!  Don't forget to put a 47nf capacitor across lugs 1 and 3 of the pot.

Replace the Space pot with 25kB for longer delay times if you want, you can go 50kb but there will be a lot of PT2399 pssshhhhffffttt on the longest repeats.  Also a good idea to put a 1k5 resistor between lug 3 of the pot and pad 3 of the PCB here.

Lastly, create a new "Dwell" control by building the little circuit between points A and B as shown.  I built mine off the pot and shrink tubed it all together.  This is lifted straight from the Tenebrion, which was lifted from CJ's Box-of-Hall IIRC.  Makes a nice post-reverb buffered feedback loop, gets fun with droning self oscillation.

Build Reports / the Monsterplex
December 10, 2014, 06:53:39 PM

The Monsterplex was going to be my fall contest submission, but I ran into a few technical issues and had to slow down to make sure all the switching/signal routing was right.  After many hours of wiring, it wasn't!  So many hours of rewiring later it is ALIVE!

The pedal features a Multiplex with modulation daughterboard, a Zero-Point DD, and a Galacticon Deluxe Phase 45.  The Phase 45 can be standalone or assigned to the repeats of the ZPDD, and the ZPDD can be standalone or assigned to the repeats of the Multiplex.  Both delays feature dedicated slam controls, and adjustable ramps on the MP.  Both also have FX loops after the assignable onboard effects and expression control jacks for the mix controls one either delay so you can fade into them.  Both delays also have trails bypass.  Demo to follow.
Build Reports / "Jesus vs buddha bike race"
September 18, 2014, 08:00:27 PM
"Jesus vs buddha bike race" EA tremolo pedal for peterherman on OSG

So Peter asked for a graphic of Jesus and Buddha in a bike race if I could find one, which I could not.  So my friend Mehran Heard was super gracious and whipped up this great little drawing.  He loves bikes too.  Check out Mehran's art at, and for you Portland Oregon folk, he's a local.  Seek him out!

Circuit is halfway between the original EA Tremolo, and the runoffgroove Improved EA Tremolo, sounds great!  In the member projects thread started by rullwowr I mentioned that I had no luck with BS170's in Q1, ones from Tayda, and ones from Smallbear.  2n3904 worked but not well with the bias at 4.5v; however, BC549 worked great with the bias at 4.5v and that is what stayed in there.  The depth pot is B1M can be turned all the way down and the pedal can be used as a fantastic preamp/boost and even a light OD at high level settings and I went with C100k for the rate control.
"Oceanic Deluxe" ZP Micro II/Rub-A-Dub Deluxe 2-in-1

Lush spacey pedal.
Build Reports / Proper Gahnda Fuzz
June 27, 2014, 09:30:03 PM
"Proper Gahnda Fuzz"

A modded Superfuzz on Rutger's board, it has the tone switch replaced with a pot to pan between the two normal Superfuzz voices, and an octave null control, the mods developed by Wattson for the EYF-6.  It also has a rotary switch that selects between 4 progressively midrange and upper midrange centered caps, the stock Superfuzz value, and one fatter cap on the mid scoop filter portion of the tone control.  The acid-etched graphics feature a compilation of characters from Mehran Heard's Proper Gahnda comic strip, he's a pal and I'm a fan.  See some of his wonderful art at

It's in a wedge-cut BLMS 1790 enclosure, big fuzz, big box.
By itself: [soundcloud][/soundcloud]
With a Pudgii and a Long brick Rub-A-Dub:
Open Discussion / NOD! A mini-novel!
June 21, 2014, 09:35:49 PM
Chapter 1:
Sooooooooooo.  I bought a Hammond M103 for $80 a few years back that has a perfect cabinet, and the power amp and reverb amp are great too, but the tone generator sat without being spun or oiled for about 10 years and it was super stuck when I got it.  After much naptha and 4 oz of Hammond oil over the past two years or so it'll spin, but there is a spun bearing in the tone generator and it gets squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky whenever it wants.  It also gums back up really easily.  It has sat under a drop cloth for almost a year now unloved because of the TG.  I have been too sad to look at it, because, again the cabinet is perfect.

Chapter 2:
I picked up a free Hammond T-233, which is the transistor amp version of the M-100's hoping to use it's tone generator in the M103, but no dice on that one, gummed up even worse.  At least it was free, and I kept the TG for spare parts in case I were to bite the bullet and pull the M-103's TG for a rebuild.

Chapter 3:
Back in March I saw an ad in the local CL for a "Hammond Organ" no pics, no details.  I called, it was a M-102 that belonged to the seller's grandfather and he said he'd sell it to me for $25.  We got busy and so did he, never found a time to connect, and soon the ad was gone so I figured the organ was too.  But then.  Awesome sauce!  The ad was back up this Monday and I arranged to go pick it up yesterday.  This morning I spun the generator and it sounded good spinning down so I let it sit, the generator seemed super oily which is a good thing.  This afternoon it fired right up and I just kicked out the jams for the past 30 min.  I am so super stoked.

Organ nerd rant, over.
Build Reports / Ghostly Weld Aquaboy Deluxe
June 19, 2014, 05:00:29 AM

Another ABDLX with dual MN3005's from Treeslayer (thanks Layton!) nice pedal, the modulation is footswitchable and I found the best method to do this was to cut power to the modulation circuit by breaking the connection at the 100k/100k voltage divider.

Etched image is taken from a linocut by Tasmanian artist Andrew Donohoe, neat stuff, look it up!
Build Reports / Pi/4+, a Galacticon Deluxe!
June 19, 2014, 04:55:31 AM

I verified this PCB for Stomptown, it is the Galacticon with the vibe mod brought onboard and a flashing LED to match the rate.  I don't like flashing LED's too much so I kept it internal as a visual reference to time the low/high cycles and dial in the bias/balance trimmer.  Nice PCB to work with!  And now an unintentional selfie demo:
Monday at 5:33pm we wrapped up our fourth 40 week build, Mabel Mae Elisabeth Esau:

7lb 2.5oz
19.75 in
So I am wrapping up an ABDLX and having a problem with the modulation.  You can hear some faint motorboating with the modulation switched off that corresponds to the rate control and depth makes no difference.  I have a 3PRR using a LT1054, the only subs on it are 1n5819's instead of 1n5817's which seems okay according to the datasheet, and with an 78L15 it puts out about 14v.  What I have observed is that the supply voltage to the ABDLX board fluctuates about .5vdc with IC6 in, and remains steady with it pulled, and obviously the motorboating goes away.  Any ideas?  I have check all solder joints and values in the area.

Also I'd like to have the modulation switched with a footswitch, but as is I am getting some nasty switch pop when I make and break the connection between pad 2 of the wave switch, something that I don't remember from the previous ABDLX I built when using a on/off/on SPDT toggle.