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Open Discussion / New dirt cheap flea market amp day
« on: April 27, 2019, 03:40:20 PM »
Scored this at a community flea market today (items are donated and sold for mostly arbitrary prices as a fund raiser for the school that hosted the event):

Sounds like shit through the built-in 12-inch speaker (bad speaker?), but is actually pretty nice through the headphone jack.

The best part was when the person quoting me the price suggested that I could test it to see if it worked by plugging it in to a nearby outlet. I left my guitar in my other pants, so I had to buy it as-is, but the price was right, even with risk of it being dead.

Build Reports / Klein Bottle WIP
« on: April 22, 2019, 10:39:57 AM »
Making good progress on my Klein Bottle kit build.  The process has been quite enjoyable up to this point.

I'm not looking forward to completing all of the potentiometer solder joints though. A few of these would be impossible to solder from the top side of the board without melting some caps.  The closeup pic shows two of these impossible spots.  I figure I'll solder as many pads as I can, then remove the whole assembly and solder the rest from the other side.  I always get nervous tightening nuts on a finished enclosure because I don't always have the correct sockets to minimize the chance of scratching the enclosure.

Open Discussion / NTD (new trumpet day)
« on: April 08, 2019, 04:02:35 PM »
In my band, I play bass and trumpet. 

For the past year or so (it's a bit fuzzy), I've been playing (at gigs too) a dented up trumpet with broken welds, a chunk of cork filling in for a missing water key seal, and a stuck tuning slide.

That ends today.  8)

This is technically a rental, but if I like it well enough during the one month term, I will buy it.  It definitely sounds "snappier" than the broken horn I have been playing.

Build Reports / Chia Pedal
« on: February 24, 2019, 07:18:59 PM »
A work in progress.

First, the following video is required viewing.  If you watched television in the US in the mid 1980s, you would have seen a commercial for this product several times each day.

With that out of the way, I present this, which is still in its early growing stage:

I'm hoping there won't be any water damage, but I'm in completely uncharted territory here.   :P

Open Discussion / NFCFMD (New, Fingers Crossed, Free Mixer Day)
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:07:18 PM »
My wife is part of a "Buy Nothing" group where members post various things that they are trying to get rid of and other members can go pick up the item for free (kind of like Freecycle).  Up until now, the most valuable thing we've grabbed has been our new dining room table.

But, today, my wife tells me that someone is giving away two Peavey PV 5300 200W mixers in good working condition.  As I do not presently own a mixer, I'm hoping to snag one of them.  I don't even care if it is any good at this price.   8)

There may have already been a claim on these, but we'll see....

Build Reports / I've managed to build something from my to-do pile.
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:11:03 AM »
My 6-year-old daughter painted this for me a while ago, and I've finally assembled it.

It's a Tonebender MkI from pickdropper.  I still need to learn how to properly bias it, but it works.

Open Discussion / NMD (LCR meter)
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:58:48 PM »
Just got this LCR meter today:

I already had the PEAK atlas semiconductor tester, which has been a godsend for checking transistors and LEDs.  I wanted a high quality capacitor checker, so went with this, and I'm happy so far.
Here is the reported data for a random 1000pF ceramic cap (I probably should have used the HOLD function before taking the pics -- oh well):

Perhaps more info than I generally need for stompbox building, but I like data.   ;D

Tech Help - Projects Page / Uber Tuber drill template label positioning
« on: September 23, 2018, 09:16:03 PM »
I'm working on graphics for my Uber Tuber build.  I always use Inkscape and the Effect Pedal Builder's Vector Pack for this sort of thing, overlaying everything onto the drill template in several layers, but I've hit a weird problem with this one, and I'm looking for a quick sanity check.  Here's where I'm at:

The knobs and corresponding labels seem positioned correctly, but that Boost toggle label is not right....

I've measured a real sub-mini toggle switch and shrunk my switch graphic a bit to match, but it is almost completely covering that control label. 

Is the text on the drill template purely informational and not correlated with control label positioning, or have I missed something or done something wrong?

Build Reports / WIP Uber Tuber
« on: September 23, 2018, 10:45:39 AM »
I keep telling myself, "I will finish at least one more pedal this year!"

And, since posting my incomplete stuff inspires me to actually complete it (yes, I selfishly use your bandwidth for my motivation -- my apologies, once again  ;)), I bring you my Über Tuber build.

The board is fully populated, so this project already has a good head start toward completion.

The hard part for me is always the enclosure, especially painting and/or graphics.

My graphics are still at an early concept stage, but I think nothing says Über Tuber better than Mr. P with some röck döts over his head.   ;D

Edit:  Do you think I should use some sort of Gothic font for that umlaut?

Might relabel the controls (not sure yet...):

Cut (same?)
Lvl--> Size
Sat--> Oil
Drive--> Temp.
Boost--> Salt

Build Reports / Time to make the donuts!
« on: August 16, 2018, 01:17:16 PM »
Just to explore the realm of possibilities, and because I have a terrible track record of finishing pedals by traditional methods, here is my WIP Donut build.

In this first pic is a raw 1590A enclosure with my brand new Donut board (thanks again, Brian!) on the left, a large metal washer on the right, and the same type of washer in the middle, after it has been coated in JB Weld, primed, and painted with gold spray paint.

Here is the same "donut" washer on top of an ivory colored enclosure.  I rather like this combination (but that particular enclosure is drilled out for another project).

I think I need to put some glaze on the donut before I mount it.

What do you think?
I've also considered painting the donut washer a different color and adding "sprinkles" made from cut up bits of hookup wire.  It's not done yet, so who knows....

Build Reports / ABDX-PIF build
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:20:25 AM »
If you kind and extremely patient folks will indulge me again, I find it very self-motivating to report on what I build while I'm still building it.   :)

I recently received an Aquaboy Deluxe board as a generous PIF from Brian.  I'm having a lot of fun putting this thing together.

Here's what I have so far, the completed main board and a 15V charge pump board:

I've opted to use Xvive Audio MN3005 reproductions for the BBDs, a MN3101 clock, and an NE570 compander.

For the enclosure, I can't bring myself to mount the input and output jacks on opposite sides of a 1590BB (just a personal quirk, not a negative judgment), so instead, I'm working on a landscape orientation with offboard pots (even though it will pretty much take up the exact same width on a pedalboard).  Here's a rough idea of what I have come up with so far (I love Inkscape):

Build Reports / Dimension-C in a 1590B
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:22:13 PM »
In the build docs for the aion Blueshift (Dimension-C clone), Kevin provides the following advice, almost as a warning:
4.  YOU’VE GOT TO BUILD IT  AS IT WAS INTENDED:  I approached the project as though I was designing a completed product for market. Everything has been designed to be built using methods you’d see in a high-end pedal (for instance, PCB-mounted switches, a standoff for mounting stability, and components with specific sizes and characteristics).... We all build pedals in our own style, but with this one, if you try to “freestyle” by doing your own enclosure layout or using parts other than the ones specified, you might back yourself into a corner. Please do things my way—you’ll end up with a very professional and durable end product and you might even learn a few things in the process!

The fact that I've decided to largely ignore this advice should not be viewed as any form of disrespect for Kevin, his design, or any of you who have already posted builds of this circuit.   :)
Instead, think of this as evidence that I really like 1590B enclosures and I'm possibly insane.   :P

This build isn't complete yet, but now that I'm 90% sure that it's going to work, I figured it would be a good time to show some of my progress.

I'll start with a bit of an angled shot of the assembled boards.
The green stuff is Theraputty (basically Silly Putty that you can buy in bulk at a reasonable price), which I've simply used to pose things for the camera. 

A few noteworthy details:
1) the switches will be mounted essentially flush with the board and the enclosure face, although they won't be soldered on place until mounted to the enclosure, of course.
2) The standoff I'm using is much shorter than spec'd. 
3) The jack I've shown (yes, there will still be 3 of them) is a Lumberg jack instead of an enclosed Switchcraft jack.

A bit about that spacer...
One thing I actually don't like about the stock design is that screw head in the middle of the enclosure face.  While it makes complete sense to have a spacer there for mechanical support, I've decided that I'm going to attach the screw head to the inside of the enclosure so it will be hidden from view.  I plan to use JB Weld for this.  The spacer I've come up with is made from pieces from my junk hardware collection.  I've filed down the threads and heads (I didn't mean for that to rhyme  ;D) of the bolts to make the spacer approx. 0.4 inches high and to clear the parts beneath.  A rather blurry shot of these pieces:

I already mentioned the Lumberg jacks.  I'm also going to use a lower profile stomp from Smallbear so it will more easily fit beneath the larger board.

From my measurements, the completed assembly will come up very close to being flush to the top of the enclosure's side walls, so I've modified the lid by grinding out the lap joint boss most of the way around.  Probably a bit of overkill, but it will make the rest easier.Edit: grinding this out allows to board assembly to come up slightly higher than the side walls, which should allow for an inside nut on each switch.

Here's a side view of the assembly mock-up from earlier.

Build Reports / Clone Theory in a 1590B
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:57:35 PM »
I also posted this on DIYSB, but wanted to share it here as well (got some great help from some people here).

This is the Clone Theory in a 1590B that I built for a friend who owns a vintage 70s one.  I was disgusted by how much pedal board space was wasted by that one giant pedal, so I told him I could probably make him one much smaller.

It's based mostly on this layout:
But, I had to move a bunch of stuff around to make it all fit, and I had to substitute some parallel combinations of resistors and caps to make up for shortcomings of my inventory.  Also had to file down portions of the lid and jacks.  I'm happy to report that it works after all that.   ;D
It was a very tight squeeze, and I fully expected something to short out disastrously upon closing it up (not shown in the pics is the gaffers tape I added as insulation on the boards and pots), but it worked perfectly when I powered it up.   

Special thanks to Antoy, juansolo, and Kartoffelkopf for sharing graphics from their Clone Theory builds with me.  8)

And, of course, thanks to IvIark at tagboardeffects for doing the heavy lifting on the Vero layout!

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