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I can't get over how much effort can go into something so simple. It's much harder to get a badass, centered spin than I initially thought. Over-the-top engineering. Love it.

Open Discussion / Post Your Art
January 21, 2016, 09:34:05 AM
...and were off.

You know the drill.

Post your art. Process is always appreciated!

Spray enamel/Stencil or Cutout

Hey friends.

I was approached by a good buddy who does PT and caregiving for the disabled/handicapped. One of his clients has been expressing interest in playing video games. My friend and I both love gaming and really want to help this guy out, especially my friend who has a huge heart and wants to see his clients have fun and be happy.

The client can't grasp with his hands or pinch with his fingers, but has (limited) movement in his arms and feet. In doing some research we found this link...

Basically it is a small mod to send the button data to an external controller. This part is easy and I wouldn't have any problem doing this myself, what is challenging to us is figuring out the external controller and its configuration to accomodate the clients specific needs. I was thinking two large panels, one would sit on his lap/wheelchair and one on the floor. Both would have jumbo 4" arcade style buttons. However, my friend and I think this may be too much physical work for the client, or it may even be painful, so we're at a stand still. We were really going out there with new ideas, like having the client activate the buttons through a tube he can blow through.

I know there a lot of very smart and creative people here and I would appreciate any input. Keep in mind the client has limited arm and foot movement, but cannot grasp or pinch. I know this is quite the challenge, but I really want to see this through and I just know we can bounce around ideas to come up with something. I going to meet the client today to get a better feel of what he needs, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling so all you problem solvers have something to think about today.

I'm excited to see what y'all come up with! Namaste.
Just finished populating the 8ball and realized I dont have any DPDT switches. I decided I would jumper the pads for the switch to only have the soft clipping, just the 1n914s. I left off the LEDs completely.

If you're looking at the top of the pcb, the switch pads are near the bottom right of the pcb. I jumpered the bottom two horizontal pads and the middle two horizontal pads.

Is this the correct way to jumper the switch so I only have the 1n914's in the feedback loop?

Thanks team.

Build Reports / Madbean Tonebender
January 25, 2015, 09:48:11 PM
This is the Madbean Si Tonebender. Fuzzy as heck. Built it stock with a 2n3904 at Q1, 2n5088 at Q2 and Q3. Moved the bias trim to a pot. Im not crazy about fuzz, but this one can totally do the 'wall of fuzz' thing super easy. I enjoyed building it and am enjoying playing it. I want to thank Brian personally, he sent me this pcb and a few others. Good guy, that 'bean. 8)

My buddy did the artwork which was hard to photograph. He used gold nail polish and a blue paint pen. Looks great, stuck with the theme inside and out.

The bottom plate was an experiment, wet toner transfer. Lay some mod podge down on the enclosure, drop the graphic on top, then let dry. Once dried you run it under cold water and take the paper off. Not super clean, but if I was patient it would have come out nearly perfect. Will be doing this in the future for sure.

Hey guys.

I don't post here a lot but this site has been, pretty much, my savior this last year. I've been battling alcoholism ferociously, on and off through 2010-2014. It's been extremely difficult to say the least. This forum, it's content, the nice people that reside here... It's overwhelming how positive of an impact this place has had on me. This hobby is getting me through the hardest time in my life. Self-esteem is important once you realize it's gone you know... Of course, to top off this year, last night I found out my girlfriend of 4 years was doing the boogie-woogie with my best friend and drummer. Needless to say my insides are in knots at the moment. I've been staring at the wall behind my desk for the last 24 hours just like... WTF.

I found out I'm not eligible for student loans to get back to school (don't fuck your life up kids), so I've had to scrape every penny (sacrificing sweet builds) to barely get away with paying my way into a lame community college. I live in New Mexico where minimum wage is low, jobs are few, people are in need, and if you don't have a degree/certification you're just S.O.L. I'm embarrassingly grateful Taco Bell called me in for an interview, haha.

Anyway, enough pity party. I'm going to get my soldering certification at that lame community college here. Hopefully be moving out and moving on from this toxic relationship. I can say one thing for sure... This place has been nothing but a positive note in this grueling year for me and I'm absolutely grateful for it.

Love your family guys. Love your friends. Go get what you want/need to support the ones you love. I, for one, am pushing my hardest to be a shining light this next year.

Merry Christmas. I'm thankful for the all mighty BEAN, his forum, the builds, the people. It's silly to say, but building pedals has damn near saved my existence and well-being.

My "friends" will still be getting coal for presents though, haha!



Open Discussion / Diptrace rocks.
December 07, 2014, 09:41:58 PM
Guys, it's just so easy. After learning Eagle (at least good enough for what I need), I can positively say Diptrace is here to stay. I really recommend people give it a shot. It has it's ups and downs like Eagle, but ultimately Diptrace's pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. I even imported my old Eagle SCH files into it with no problems. Making layouts is no longer a chore.

The UI is far more friendly. It just does what you want it to do (with a little patience at first). Here's a lame ROG OMEGA layout I just whipped up. The 3D option is simple and just looks darn cool. Loading the 3D library makes the previews pretty spankin' hip in my opinion.

Shout out to Chromesphere for his tutorials, although it was so straight forward I hardly needed to finish the video even. Thanks man!