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Dave, you have officially claimed this thread.

"We should have a 'What is Dave eating tonight' thread. Now we do."

Damn this is inspirational. Thank you, Dave.
Animals are a beacon of light. They shine the path we all walk on that is known as 'life'. <3

Those are some beautiful woof-woofs, friends.

Does anyone listen to the other member's posts? I listen to everything posted here. On real speakers. Let's see how well y'all pay attention. NSFW. If you'll listen, it's a song about loving JP but I'm a bit doubtful that will stick. People love their box. Stay in the box.
Good stuff all around fellas.

I've been diggin' on that latin flava recently. If you see my last posts it's obvious. I love synth/electronic music/production/sound design, and this dude has all that ON LOCK. Very strange genre mixing and very groovy. It feels like I'm in a Mexican nightclub, but said Mexican nightclub is on a spaceship in the far distant future and everyone is dripping with groovy swagger and taking shots of dope Mexican booty. That, or T-Pain and Frank Zappa's Jazz From Hell made little music babies.

The whole album is fantastic and surprisingly technical, and that always makes me feel ways about stuff. People who enjoy production quality and technicality will certainly get down with this.

Enjoy the whole album and listen to weird music every single day.

Artist - El Guincho
Album - HiperAsia

Here's a sample track, the second post is the whole album on a playlist.

mmmmmm... of course Dave is killing it. Not surprised to be salivating again, I need a bib just to look at this thread.

Yesterday's ceviche came out fantastic. "Heaven in a bowl" is the only way I can describe it.

Open Discussion / Re: Floppy Disk Delay
April 26, 2016, 10:12:46 AM

Ugh.. It's cool as f__k only because it's completely unnecessary. It's clever and obscure, there's no doubt about that.

But for real... if you're going to market with a low-fidelity floppy disk delay that goes for €1,999.00 (!!!!!) at LEAST make a decent demo for it. That was pretty bad. It was really bad, actually. I'm positive I could give my grandmother a pt2399 and a random handful of passive and she could literally *throw* them at a breadboard and come up with something similar sounding. Blindfolded.

Still, I want one because lasagna. That's all I got.

...and because this thread is *seriously lacking* great music of this genre. Click on it. I dare you. No, I double dog dare you... you might just like it.  ;)

so that's six words you need to know, including Amon Tobin

The only four words you'll ever need to know - - - Ximena, Ximena, Ximena, Ximena.

Open Discussion / Re: What are you playing? (games)
April 26, 2016, 06:23:46 AM
Confirmed video game slut er... enthusiast here. Since I can remember I always had something to play. My first was a big ole' grey Gameboy brick with Kirby's Dream Land. I remember my mom shut it off (it was bedtime) by unplugging the power adapter and I completely lost my mind. Tantrum at the heat level of 1,000 suns. I'll never let my mother live that down, EVER. That game is f'n hard.

Today I'm all about the PC. I absolutely love consoles and handhelds (definitely not jealous of Juan's stash, definitely not. Not one bit... dammit) but having a powerful PC gives me everything to at least play. I can emulate Wii and Gamecube through Dolphin, emulate N64* through either Project64 or Mupen64, GBA, GBC, SNES, NES, PSone, Dreamcast, and finally a few Nintendo DS games. It's nice to HDMI my PC display to my TV and play nearly any older game I want during parties and whatnot.

*Funny how it's been over 20 (!) years and not one single piece of software can TRULY emulate the Nintendo 64 properly. I know the reasons but it's a bit silly that I can sync Wii peripherals via bluetooth and play Wii games flawlessly on my PC, yet we still can't find a way to fix the f_ckin' graphics on Pilotwings 64. Insanity, dread, etc... I have it on console so it's all good.

On PC, my main girl, this is what's up -

Alien: Isolation - This is a must play. It pays homage, looks gorgeous, its difficult, scary, and paranoid. I genuinely love this game and want to hug it. I wish I could actually hug the game. It jumped very quickly to my top 5 favorite games ever. Play. It. Now. 10/10. Masochist's dream (nightmare?).

Fallout - I'm gonna get reamed for this one. I love RPGs, especially Action RPGs, but for the life of me I can't get into these games. Tried many times. No need to convince me, it's not gonna happen. Yawn.

Mass Effect - Needs no introduction. I've beaten the series so many times and I will continue to lose a social life because of this series. Can't wait for the new one! Probably my favorite franchise ever.

Hitman - This series will always be with me. I really enjoy beating a level, restarting it, and beating it in completely different ways. Played 'em all, love 'em all.

GTA - Meh. Repetitive but fun stories. Nothing I'm wild about, although Red Dead Redemption was awesome.

Half-Life - Duh, awesome, love it, always will love it.

Portal series - If you like to get shit-talked by an AI and think outside the box and ignore your girfriend and burn dinner then go to bed exhausted yet satisfied, it rocks. Love it.

Middle Earth Shadow of Morodor - Dark, violent, very hard, stylish. It's not a LOTR game for kids. Very cool.

Dragon Age - Was very, very excited for Inquisition. Amazing, detailed plot with characters that seem alive... they're surly, mean, and you can never please everyone. The actual gameplay was a HUGE disappointment though. Boring combat. Ruined the game IMO, it had massive potential. "Lets work super hard on everything but the parts in the game where you actually PLAY." - Developers.

Crysis series - Badass.

Dishonored - Badass.

Gears of War - Badass.

The Witcher - Badass as F.

Elder Scrolls - Fun, gets stale.

Deus Ex Human Revolution - PLAY IT NOW. Currently enjoying it for the third time. Great gameplay, slick graphics, slick everything. So good.

I'm missing a bunch but this is what I've done in the last 6 months or so, I'll be back with more.


EDIT - Very much looking forward to the release of No Man's Sky. Hopefully the gameplay is fun, it looks absolutely beautiful! Link'd pics below.
Been jamming on Mala recently. Minimal, latin, somewhat drone-y. Excellent music to listen to while working or doing hobbies as it doesn't grab the listeners attention too much, which can be an annoyance in the electronic music genre. Lots of music in that realm tries "too hard" to consume the listener. This is very chill and helps me work through whatever project I'm on without it being a total distraction. I'm really enjoying the whole album - Mala in Cuba

yumm.... that hot sauce looks great.

Went to a buddies house to cook last night. Didn't snap any process shots as we were too busy having a blast to be bothered.
EDIT - Found some process pics. The whiskey was flowing nicely I guess...

-Pork loin with rosemary, thyme, cumin, honey mustard and spicy bbq sauce slathered on before the bake.
-Mashed potatoes with slow roasted garlic, rosemary, bacon, parmesan, butter, pepper.
-Broccoli quickly sauteed in bacon fat.
-White, thin pepper gravy from bacon fat and a few dashes of stock.

Overall it was well balanced and I got to teach a good friend (who is becoming very enthusiastic about all things culinary) some kitchen tips. He did an excellent job on the gravy. Hopefully we'll stick to our bi-weekly plan to cook a variety of styles. Thanks for looking.

Dave, you are absolutely ruthless in the kitchen. Amazing looking grub. Respectin' it!

Here's the sandwich we scarfed last night. Hot turkey, melted muenster cheese, sprouts, red romaine, tomato, avocado, bacon, toasted rye/pumpernickel with cream cheese. The summer is creeping in so no more gravy or heavy, fatty dishes. Well, until the next hangover that's surely imminent. Still want to do a Zuppa Toscana for my newly converted, now non-vegetarian ladyfriend. All the jugs of protein supplements in the house are getting strange looks from her. Poor little jugs may end up in the waste basket as they go the way of obsolete. It's a bit sad really.  8)

I'm in love. She has an amazing body of work. "Goosebumps on the back of your neck" style.

The first jam is sexy, fuzzy, rock n' roll ballad.

The second is reminiscent of Deee-lite, Cibo Matto, etc.. It is pure sunshine. She is amazing.


It's awesome. I've got the stainless steel top, it's surprisingly heavy. The base is super heavy. It will spin an excruciatingly long time with a solid execution and to hold it in your hand is very impressive. Now I'm jonesing for this set -

I can't get over how much effort can go into something so simple. It's much harder to get a badass, centered spin than I initially thought. Over-the-top engineering. Love it.