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Quote from: thomasha on November 05, 2022, 12:04:01 PM
Do you have a suggestion of how to solder SMD small-ish resistors?
It's a nightmare. Too much pressure on the tweezers and they fly away and I have to look for them on the carpet.
If you know of a better way of handling such parts it would be very helpful!

I just pre-solder one pad, hold the resistor down, heat it to tack it down, then solder the other side properly, then usually come back and redo the first since it has no flux.

I don't often have pieces go flying (even tiny 0402), and I have really shaky hands too.

Maybe try something else to hold it down, like a screwdriver or something?

Magnifier helps immensely, by the way.
Looks great, thanks for sharing. Similar no-nonsense method I did in this video.

I've gotten endless messages about using flux, though, as I'm guessing you have too. Here's a quick follow up that's the same basic method but with paste type flux for smoother and quicker joints:
Can't wait to see how they look.  That price is incredible
Open Discussion / Curated collection of FV-1 programs
February 04, 2020, 09:18:24 PM
When starting to learn about and experiment with the FV-1, I was pretty surprised I couldn't find a single comprehensive list of programs.  Obviously there are plenty to be found if you scrounge through forums, but that takes a lot of time and you have to sift through a lot of non-working code, etc.

So I put together an initial list here. Any additions are welcomed.

I hope any time you create or come across something you think others might be interested, that you'd consider adding it to this site as well. I'm sure I'm not the only DIY pedal builder that would get a lot of something like this while experimenting with the FV-1.