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Build Reports / Ghostly Weld Aquaboy Deluxe
« on: June 18, 2014, 11:00:29 PM »

Another ABDLX with dual MN3005's from Treeslayer (thanks Layton!) nice pedal, the modulation is footswitchable and I found the best method to do this was to cut power to the modulation circuit by breaking the connection at the 100k/100k voltage divider.

Etched image is taken from a linocut by Tasmanian artist Andrew Donohoe, neat stuff, look it up!

Build Reports / Pi/4+, a Galacticon Deluxe!
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:55:31 PM »

I verified this PCB for Stomptown, it is the Galacticon with the vibe mod brought onboard and a flashing LED to match the rate.  I don't like flashing LED's too much so I kept it internal as a visual reference to time the low/high cycles and dial in the bias/balance trimmer.  Nice PCB to work with!  And now an unintentional selfie demo:

Build Reports / My 4th 40 week build report, "the MaeMae"
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:48:50 AM »
Monday at 5:33pm we wrapped up our fourth 40 week build, Mabel Mae Elisabeth Esau:

7lb 2.5oz
19.75 in

So I am wrapping up an ABDLX and having a problem with the modulation.  You can hear some faint motorboating with the modulation switched off that corresponds to the rate control and depth makes no difference.  I have a 3PRR using a LT1054, the only subs on it are 1n5819's instead of 1n5817's which seems okay according to the datasheet, and with an 78L15 it puts out about 14v.  What I have observed is that the supply voltage to the ABDLX board fluctuates about .5vdc with IC6 in, and remains steady with it pulled, and obviously the motorboating goes away.  Any ideas?  I have check all solder joints and values in the area.

Also I'd like to have the modulation switched with a footswitch, but as is I am getting some nasty switch pop when I make and break the connection between pad 2 of the wave switch, something that I don't remember from the previous ABDLX I built when using a on/off/on SPDT toggle.

Build Reports / Dirtbag/DMM
« on: May 19, 2014, 07:57:25 AM »
Thanks to Haberdasher I was able to build this Dirtbag as he had a PCB he was willing to part with.  It is for a sideman in NYC, he wanted the control layout and spacing the same as a big box DMM, and did the graphics layout himself.  Enclosure is from PPP and features their printing.  These MN3005's are another set of good ones from funkward tech on ebay.  I used the new 3PDTRR board from Madbean to run the DBD at 15v using a LT1054 that Jon (midwayfair) was nice to send out quickly when I realized I only had ICL7660's in the parts drawers.

Quick question about a discrepancy between the DMM and DMM reissue schematics vs. the Dirtbag.  C50 goes from the NE570 pin 13 to ground and is shown as 100n on the BOM, in the vintage EHX DMM schematic it is shown as being tied directly to ground.  Can anyone explain why it was added?  Also the values for C4 (47uf) and C32 (22uf) are the same as the reissue, but twice the value of the vintage DMM's (22uf and 10uf respectively), I wonder if that change was made to mitigate noise/hiss, or if there was another reason for it?

There is another guy on the offset forum that is on a pro-tour and his DMM got killed by baggage handers even though in a flight case.  He needs it repaired basically overnight, or a good alternative analog alternative.  His post on

Build Reports / Razzle Dazzle
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:12:13 PM »
From my spring contest entry:
"Razzle Dazzle"
It is a Zero Point DD/Galacticon Phase Shifter/Rub-A-Dub Reverb 3-in-1
I am timbo_93631

clearanced center screw boss:

I have built a few pedals with the Galacticon on the repeats of a ZPDD or pre/post that have been in the regular build reports, this is an expanded version that includes a Rub-A-Dub.  The rotary switch on the right assigns the Galacticon to the repeats or pre/post delay with an additional toggle and it is footswitchable.  The rotary on the left assigns the rub-a-dub to the repeats or post delay and it is always on.  The ZPDD has been modded for trails bypass following midwayfair's shunt bypass method, and the Galacticon has a phase/vibe mod and a 50k blend pot labeled "nature" on the controls.
The ZPDD also has the feedback and slam controls on a momentary 3PDT so you can dial in the speed that it slips into self oscillation.  Clip to follow.

Open Discussion / Happy Easter
« on: April 20, 2014, 08:40:24 AM »
Happy Easter guys!

Build Reports / Another Love Infinity
« on: April 07, 2014, 11:48:19 AM »

This one is for a guy from tdpri that missed out on the last one I built.  Again it is a Zero Point DD and Stomptown's fantastic Galacticon Phase Shifter.  I socketed the ghost resistors on the ZPDD, and have an OP275 op amp there, also it is wired for trails by moving R7 to a 3PDT.  The Galacticon has a 50kB pot instead of 20kB or 25kB and I think it gives a little more depth to the effect than the last one I built.  It also has the "uni-vibe" mod, however it has a 330n cap instead of a 470n cap for the uni-vibe pair.  The middle toggles are the same as the first, allowing switching between the Phase 45 on the repeats or on it's own and order switchable to be before or after the delay.

Build Reports / Doctor Strange
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:52:30 PM »
Doctor Strange

Fabien, 2flAZ on OSG, has done a bunch of graphics for me over the past year or so to make my etched enclosures from and in thanks I wanted to build him something special, and also square up in terms of a labor for labor type of trade.  He came up with the idea for the pedal, basically wanting a fixed wah and an octave up pedal, and the graphic and enclosure choice etc.  A total departure from my other stuff, this is a Sunshine Sparkle powder coat enclosure from Pedal Parts Plus, and a full face waterslide decal.  The circuits are both madbean projects, one side of the PCB is a Weener Wah II with a Whipple Halo inductor and some mojo 2n2925 transistors, the octave up side is a Sqweeker which has been placed in one of Rockhorst's blend loops so it can be mixed 100% wet or dry.  Special thanks to Cody, selfdestroyer, for the etched Weener Sqweeker PCB.  The big knob on the wah side controls the fixed position of the sweep, and the 3-way toggle adjusts the center frequency of the sweep.  The yellow knob adjusts the volume of the wah.  On the octave side the 3-way toggle is wired for the GGG null mod function that selectively limits the fundamental guitar notes and emphasize the octave up note, and the big knob is for the wet/dry/blend.  Outer stomps are bypasses, the center swaps the effect order and the LED's illuminate on whichever side is first in the signal chain.  It is one of the nuttiest pedals I have built, but really neat and in a live situation it will be a murky mix machete.  Sounds like:

Build Reports / 2(Pi/4)(infinity)=infinite love now has Demo!
« on: February 26, 2014, 12:36:23 AM »

I have been kicking the idea for this one around for awhile now and finally had some free time on the bench to get it together.  It is a Zero Point Dual Delay (proto from oshpark?)/Stomptown Galacticon Phase 45 2-in-1.  The toggles also allow you to put the Phase 45 in the normal signal chain before or after the delay or as modulation on the repeats.  It took awhile to visualize the switching but it works great.  When the Galacticon is on the repeats the regular bypass footswitch is disabled.  Other little things are feedback and slam pots are on a momentary 3PDT, so the onset of oscillation can be dialed in as desired, and the delay is wired for trails bypass.  On the Galacticon I did the regular Phase/Vibe mod, using 47nf/330nf for the vibe caps which sounded really nice and juicy on the breadboard.

So 2 ways of Phase 45 times infinite awesome of self oscillation = eternal love. 

Build Reports / "Happiness Gun" Mudbunny gone Musket
« on: February 15, 2014, 12:08:21 AM »
"Happiness Gun" for tyoac on OSG:

A Blackout Effectors "Musket" clone built on a Mudbunny board and a rullywowr fo-SHO from oshPark.  The fo-SHO is great because it is only one trace cut and a jumper away from being configured as a LPB-1. 

I haven't fired up a dirt pedal and just sat and played with it in a long while, maybe about 20 minutes plus recording a hack demo for most of them and I know if it sounds right and then I move on.  This little guy had me playing around for an hour and a half tonight.  So many levels of dirt, so much control over the EQ, just really inspiring to try different settings and then play around with picking dynamics and guitar volume.  Really a neat pedal and a great expanded take on the Muff.  I made some changes to the Musket schematic floating around on the web; the 470k on the ground leg of the pre control should probably be 470R, I went with 1k and find it to be perfect, for the tone control I used 250kB and that is also pretty good. 

These are for OSG member jaycemumford in trade for this beautiful custom built Pine and Spruce, double-bound, chambered, and f-holed body:

"Radio Sweetheart" is a La Vache with a Bacon Bits boost that is switchable to be on the input or output with an order toggle.  The gain boost toggle also lights the beacon at the top of the radio tower when engaged!  Advancing squadrons of bombers are my only addition to the otherwise perfect artwork by Fabien also on OSG.

 "Electric Warrior" is a NPN Rangemaster clone with mojo parts like ERO axial electrolytics, Sozo axial input and output capacitors, and a beautiful black glass OC139 germanium transistor, the T/M switch pads are jumpered and a MLCC cap is paralleled with the .0047 Sozo to get the value dead on.  Artwork also by Fabien, pinholes light up violet on the musical notes when the effect is engaged.

Between the two there is really every shade of  low to mid gain OD and boost, with lots of cutting tone from the RM added in, a nice compact solution to get many nice shades of dirt.
Video shows the different switching positions for the first half, but around 5 and a half minutes in there is a good display of the wacky sounds the "Nuevo Jefe" delay can produce in the different modulation positions and in combination with these drive pedals.  I have a MN3005 and MN3008 in the delay for about 480ms of max delay time right now.  The two MN3005's I initially had in there in the clip linked above produced about 660ms which is quite a bit longer than I ever set my delay for.  Nearly $100 of hard to get BBD's in the same pedal is a little excessive for me if I'm not going to use them to the max potential. 

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