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General Questions / Re: Bi-Polar power supply +/- 12V. Need advice
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:47:51 AM »
I recently went through an exercie in futility if you will trying to find a 12v 500ma center negative PS. I needed it regulated and NON switchable.

What I ended up getting through a Google search was a 12v center POS, 500ma regulated but it was switchable. I cut the cord, flipped the wires and made it NEG and it works fine.

Then after I posted my build pickdropper came on and pointed me to Jameco

Thanx for reply. Im not sure that helped me though; or if i put up my question a bit unclear.

I need
+12VDC and
Ground and

...from preferably the same power supply.

General Questions / Bi-Polar power supply +/- 12V. Need advice
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:08:27 AM »
Hi Forum. I guess its correct to ask a question like this under "General". If not, admin, feel free to move it.

The project im soldering on at the moment needs +/- 12VDC. And... i just cant find a wallwart with such outputs (sometimes i AM an internet illiterate, but yea, i cant find them)...

So... question #1 should be: If the product (a +/-12VDC Power Supply) even exists, can someone point it out as a link? Preferably on, as i guess i will put my next order to them.

Question #2: I maybe have to build it myself. I have found schematics
on generalguitargadgets (,
and MFOS (
... and i wont rush for the PCB-s, but can build it up on a piece of perf board. The MFOS design is more complex (among other things it includes a load), so i guess thats the one to go for. Or? Advice?

... and i need to input 12VAC into that circuit. Here i need advice about which transformer to choose. Mouser link, anyone? We have 230VAC in our walls here in sweden. If i not include the transformer to the design, i guess i can go for a 230VAC-12VAC wallwart. That would be the easy/safe way too, as i dont have to deal with 230Volts in that case. On the other hand im not too afraid of that, ive been there before.

So... how would you guys solve it?


Hey Bengt, welcome! It would be to easy to make a whole lot of Swedish Chef jokes, but you and your countrymen probably get that to much already! Very nice looking L"o Rider you got there, looking forward to what you're building next!


Ah, the muppet show. Love it! But they dont have no flyin Dutch or so??  ;D

Thanx for the welcoming. Im lookin forwards to my next builds too... not sure where this will end, but ill definately build that chunkchunk, and on my working desk right now is the PCB for the MFOS Sub-Commander.

And thank you too; i ran across a few of your earlier very helpful posts when i browsed this forum for hints about where-to-by-electronic parts:)

Lööh Oajdöh HAHAHAHA wosa wenau mä wö wallywatt! :P Du besitter min favorit dialekt måste jag säga!! hör av dig om du saknar några triviala komponenter till framtida byggen.. Trots att jag bara beställt "vad som behövs" till varje bygge har jag förvånadsvärt mycket delar över.

ha det!

Tack för erbjudandet... Det kunde faktiskt behövts till denna; jag hade inte 1uF-boxkondingar i huset när jag lödde ihop, utan det blev skapligt överdimensionerade mylars ... Och detsamma, släng iväg en fråga om du saknar nåt. Jag håller precis på att bygga upp ett litet hemlager, och det känns fånigt att betala en femtilapp i frakt för några få saknade komponenter:)

Och det är ju märkligt, öschötska är fel överallt! Till och med på ett engelskt forum ;D

And hey, lets keep the rest of the convo in english or PM:) ... Despite's all smiling cheers it can be read as bad netiquette to post in foreign languages at public forums...


Cheers again all... nice forum indeed:)

Build Reports / Re: STM800 (BoobTube Twin)
« on: April 18, 2012, 01:46:04 PM »
This one is absolutely wonderful.

Very inspiring to enter a forum and see things like this!


Build Reports / Re: Cosmopolitan Build
« on: April 18, 2012, 01:09:38 PM »
Im all impressed by the artwork... Laser etching? Extremely cool.


I'm loving that the foreign languages are coming out on the forum! Any Thai/Lao speakers out there?

I like your pedal art--it reminds me of old punk album covers. Umlauts always bring the band Husker Du to mind immediately! There should be umlauts over both U's, but apparently I don't have my keyboard set up to do that just now...



Press n hold the <Alt> key, while hitting <1> <5> <4> ... or <1><2><9> (in order) on your num keypad. And then, if you dare, try <Alt>+<1 4 8> ...  or <1 5 3> ... :P


Damm, i had the intention to enter this forum in some kind of "serious" manner... guess i didnt succeed:) ... I cant help with the thai/lao request, but i know a few finnish words;) ... And to those who wonder, i can tell that Sigesmundninja is from the part of sweden called West Goat land, and i am from East Goat land. A distinct border keeps us apart, but we all are brave and blonde!

psst Sigesmundninja! Meh gröhvre öschötska borde're blitt Lööh Oajdöh!


Cheers again. Now i shall put an order on the Chunk Chunk PCB :) ...

Hej och Välkommen till Madbean! I like your enclosure design, especially the umlaut in Lö Rider  ;D

Hej själv:) ... Yea, i felt those hardröck döts fitted pretty silly right there:)

Dude, that is insane (in a good way!) I love the box art :)

The tracking is a bit wonky for me too, I intend to hunt down my better-playing friend at some stage to test it out for me and see if it's my bad playing holding it back. (Seriously, I'm terrible. I have more fun building these than playing them :) )

Yea, i have read around this forum about the tracking. And i am not sure theres anything "wrong" with my build. I would like to dig a bit deeper into understanding of the whole thing though... i will, when the time shows up... And hey, i appreciate honesty... even though i dont concider myself a terrible player;) ... right now i think i share my disposable time 80/20 between playing and building... but surely, this new hobby can steal hours of just webbrowsing these forums and parts sites:)
Cool. I just built a couple of these and I really like them.

No worries on the Swinglish. My Swedish is going to be much worse than your English, but I dabble nevertheless.
Jag alskar Sverige!


Kul att herrn älskar mitt land:) ... Hej hopp!


I add another pic of my four builds; upper left to right:

SKREEMAH, the OD2 (modded tube screamer, i guess you guys all know about it) from BYOC. I found it clever to buy a kit for the first build... During the finnishing of the project i (re-)learned a lot, and got into some troubleshooting as well. One of the mos-fets were shorted. Freehand painted by the 8 yearold.

VADAH, the Mushroom Echo from A really cool (good and fun to play) pedal from Painted by the 10 yearold.

YISKAH, my first "homebrew designed one", its a two-in-one box with the green ringer and orange squeezer inside. No pots? Yea, i kinda liked the idea of a real clean funcion. ON/OFF, thats it. Of course with one orange and one green LED eye pupil. Painted by the 34 year old.

...and Lö Rider... which u have seen earlier in this thread. Painted by... well, me'n'myself.

Hej hopp!

Hi folks. I havent written a word on this forum so far; but has been a registred member for about a month. Very good forum. I have had a few questions on the way, but turned out i never had to ask them; the answers were here allready:)

I really "just happened" to get into this build-your-own-stomp-pedal-thing just recently. I was googling for a new pot for my CryBaby (which i havent touched for... 20 years?), and i ended up buying it from a swedish dealer ( who also is selling... kits from BYOC and stuff he design himself. I ordered the kit for my first build (a TS clone) together with the wahwah-pot, and since then i have built 4 boxes. Its just ... pure addictive fun:) ...

So; my last one is my first Madbean one. The low rider. Which i simply call the Lö Rider. I am pretty happy with the result. I put those discussed caps for the upper octave on a switch.

I am not completely happy with the tracking, even though im not really sure about what to expect. I think i shall investigate more time and hopefully make it better. Or at least get some deeper understanding of the circuit. Funny is: it tracks perfectly on the tone E (played on seventh fret, 5th string) and everything above, but two frets down, the tone D tracks bad (as well as the tone D played on an open string). Even lower tone, B, tracks good again...

Is there any indepth explanation on this circuit somewhere? Or just a link to somewhere where down-octaving is explained?

Anyway; heres a few pics:) Feel free to notice the eye-catching horrible 470+470+56=1000 nF... And beware, there are two more bricksized caps hidden under the board  ::) ...

Cheers folks... and excuse my swenglish:)


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