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TV Series - What Are You Watching?

Started by culturejam, February 25, 2014, 03:45:29 PM

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We've got movies covered in its own thread, and I find myself spending my viewing time on TV series rather than movies these days. It's the golden area of great serial programming, in my opinion.

What I'm currently watching (or waiting to come back with a new season):

Game of Thrones
Sons of Anarchy
Falling Skies
Breaking Bad (just about to finish this one, so no spoilers!!)
The Walking Dead (also not to the current episode yet)

Things I plan to watch:
The Red Road (on Sundace, starring "Khal Drogo" from GOT)
House of Cards
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Just finished second season of House of Cards, it was great, not that great as the first that was f-in spectacular but a worthy successor.

True Detective maintains my attention from week to week, mainly due to the actors, and in particular, Woody with his ridiculous and hilarious facial expressions, I mean it's just stupid how fun that guy is haha. Great show overall. So far. - thoughts on some pedals I made - sounds and jams


House of Cards (phenomenal, can't say enough about it)
The Blacklist (best written show on network television in a long time, scared it can't continue at the level it's at)
Sons of Anarchy
The Following
Big Bang Theory
2 Broke Girls
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I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do, it's usually lame.

I watch the Arrow and Marvel's Shield show. I liked Grimm, but I'm way behind on that one. I also really enjoyed watching the Clone Wars series.

Also, the Blacklist is so much fun to watch. James Spader is the greatest thing in the show, and pretty much everything else pales in comparison to him.

The BBC Sherlock show is fantastic, and I really look forward to each miniseries set released.

Also, my wife watches that Downton Abbey show, so i guess I end up watching that too.

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1) Blacklist (James Spader is a phenomenal actor!)
2) The Following (6 degrees of Kevin Bacon)
3) Big Bang Theory (No question why Jim Parsons wins the award every year!)
4) Breaking Bad (2 more episodes to watch before its all done  :'()

Want to start watching:
- Walking Dead
- Mad Men
- House of Cards


Walking Dead is a walking fail fest. The behavior of the characters contradicts any reason, the plot is shaky and frankly full of holes, the acting is really really bad, the only thing that stands out are of course the zombie effects. Not worth watching at all IMHO. I did endure for almost two seasons. Now I wish I'd made a couple of pedals instead. - thoughts on some pedals I made - sounds and jams


True Detective (HBO) *AWESOME*
Helix (SCI FI) *starting to go downhill*
The Walking Dead (AMC) *getting ready to throw in the towel*
Hannibal (NBC) *amazing first season looking forward to season 2, starts Friday!*


The following
American Idol. (Something I do with my wife. The other two I watch with my son)


Walking Dead - Still enjoying it
NCIS  Season 212 or something
Big bang theory - Well why wouldn't you
Uncle -

Things I wished I had never watched - Lost + Heroes


here's mine:
#1 Revolution - my new "Lost"
#2 Blacklist
#3 Hollywood game night

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Quote from: marmaliser on February 25, 2014, 04:20:35 PM
Things I wished I had never watched - Lost


Personally, I think that the producers, writers, etc. had to scramble when people starting guessing the whole "purgatory/after-life" plot around Season 2. They had to re-write almost the entire show. Just too many holes in the story and too many questions left unanswered.


Side Note: I was returning from a business trip in Hawaii to LA a few years ago and guess who was sitting right behind me? THIS GUY!

Made me cringe a little!  :o


Quote from: Govmnt_Lacky on February 25, 2014, 05:04:01 PM
Quote from: marmaliser on February 25, 2014, 04:20:35 PM
Things I wished I had never watched - Lost


Never saw it but my son watched every series on Netflix until he was caught up to real time on TV. He was so excited about that last show and how they'd bring it all together. He still talks about how mad he is about the way they ended it. How long has it been now? 2 years maybe.
Made me glad I never got into it.


i only have 4 that i watch

house of cards
true detective
black sails

pretty happy with all those so far
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While we're on the topic of bad series endings, the Dexter ending was pretty lousy as well.  There are so many ways they could have ended it (good or bad for him) that would have worked, and they went with one that made no sense whatsoever, and had no intensity (but left the door open to pick up the series later I guess).

The SOA finale next year will be epicly bloody methinks.  It can't end any other way.  Everyone dies.

The Breaking Bad finale was perfect.  'Nuff said.
The only known cure in the world for GAS is death.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Falling Skies
Breaking Bad (on season 2)
The Walking Dead
Suits (love the humor and references)