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Re: Pedalboard pics megathread
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Update: With the release of the HX Stomp firmware version 2.8 earlier this year, Line 6 added the Zendrive (Dhyana Drive), the Prince of Tone (Heir Apparent) and the King of Tone (Tone Sovereign). I was able to compare my "Queen of Bone" with the Tone Sovereign, and while it is different, it's hard to tell which one is better. Hard stuff for an analog believer like me ;-)

Ultimately, I removed the Queen of Bone and replaced it in my patches with its digital brother. The HX is controlled with my Eoo3 Midi controller, that also switches my amp's channels. I also created some really convincing new patches that use the zendrive into the litigator (Dumble Clone) and go straight to the Engl Ironball's return jack.

With the space no longer needed, I could move the vocal processor to the top deck.

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