Author Topic: Modding an MXR Dyna-comp to Janglebox  (Read 679 times)


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Modding an MXR Dyna-comp to Janglebox
« on: February 27, 2020, 06:52:09 PM »
Hello Friends
First post here so correct me if im off!

I am Thinking about modding my Rev C dyna comp to remove the cap from the output circuit- its discussed here:

Mine is the same version as the one pictured, and Id like to do the same mod. I find the stock dyna comp to be too dark, and I love trebley sounds.

I have a few questions (Im a beginner!)
I understand that I de-solder the cap that is circled (image attached).
But what do I do from there? I want to wire it to a switch and be able to switch it in and out of the circuit, switching it between standard and treble modes.
Any advice on which switch to use, how to wire it or any other tips would be massively appreciated!


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Re: Modding an MXR Dyna-comp to Janglebox
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2020, 05:59:50 PM »
I believe you would want a DPDT On-On toggle switch, which has 6 lugs in two columns of three, like so:

a1  b1
a2  b2
a3  b3

So you would have the points on the board which the capacitor used to occupy wired to a2 and b2 respectively, and then you would wire the caps which you would like to switch between on a1 and b1, and then a3 and b3.