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Refinish and rehouse - MiG
« on: July 07, 2020, 07:37:25 AM »
Gudday all.  Continuing on with the re-finishing, my mate who I'd build the double looper for told me that the finish had gone strange and could I put something else in it as he never used it anyway.  I blame the Rustoloeum auto crystal clear, that stuff is just terrible.  The finish had cracked and raised up in strange wave type things.

Anyway, I sanded the thing back and filled the extra holes with Gorilla Weld initially, and then JB Weld on top of that.  I had a GuitarPCB Screaming Ultra lying around that I wasn't ever going to box, so I shoved that in and wired it up for dual channels with a 500k on Gain1 and 1meg on Gain2.  Clipping options are red LEDs and 4148s.  My friend has a number of builds I've done for him, and this one will go with his DangerZone OCD clone (not that he knows it yet because I haven't told him what I've done).

So it's a bit tight and I kept the leads a bit longer so I had something to work with.  Dual channeling a pedal always adds a bit of mess.  Am I happy with the knobs?  Not overly, but I prefer to use the relevant colour for the channel LED where possible.