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« on: October 02, 2013, 10:27:11 PM »
1) Jkokura - "Boneyard"

4) This is the second Madbean Boneyard I've built recently. The other, the Ezekiel 37 I entered for the DIY Stompboxes 10 year contest.

I was able to snag two of some of the last Boneyard PCBs from Brian back when he was discontinuing them, and after reading through the documentation I decided to build one as I did the Ezekiel 37, as a fairly stock, "Marshall in a Box" sort of pedal, with the standard Hi/Lo gain options. But then I thought, "why not go all out?" So I decided to do what I'm calling the "Super Marshall in a Box."

I built this one in a Black Sparkle PPP box, a 1590Q size, which allows for top jacks and 5 knobs across. It's a bit tight with the three switches though. Probably won't do that again. Also, this was decaled with my 'classic' style of a clear vinyl decal that's stuck to the top and then clear coated with a non-yellowing poly urethane which is baked on. Knobs are okay, thought they'd look better. Probably switch them for Marshall type when I get some.

This Boneyard features a the mod you can do with the PCB, a boost feature that replaces one resistor with a Pot when you switch it on. Similarly to my previous version, I added a Buffered bypass switch PCB to the main bypass. This allows me to run this pedal with less opportunity for feedback to occur. I say less opportunity, because at extreme settings it can still go a little nuts. However, those settings are a little unreasonable in terms of their actual sonic benefits, so there's no chance of me actually using it in a situation that would warrant full blast on every control.

Anyway, I haven't had as much time with this pedal as I had with the Ezekiel when I entered it, but I will say that I really like the extra boost function. It's not as useful as an independent boost, one that can be used separately from the drive, but I do like how it actually genuinely does raise the volume significantly. Significantly enough to really cut through for a solo. It also really does react well to your guitar volume/pick action, which other Marshallinabox types haven't seemed to do for me. If I were to put this up, I'd rather use this one than any other 'marshall' flavour pedal I've used, and that means probably about 5 or 6 of them out there.

Overall, I think if you guys ever get a chance to either snag a Boneyard, or a built up version, and you like Marshall sounds, grab it. (All offers considered ;)

2) Here's a good set of glamour shots.

And the Guts.

3) Here's the Video.

Hope you've enjoyed!

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