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Topics - Willybomb

Banged out a couple of Plexi type things.  Marsha800 is a Pedalpcb M800, and Marsha x3 is a Haberdasher Plexitone etch.  Both are Tayda drill/powdercoat/UV print.  I'll get knobs that fit that spacing on the x3 one day....  Messed up the alignment on the x3, but oh well, whatever.
Build Reports / Arcadiator
April 11, 2024, 01:53:17 AM
Nothing super special beyond getting to build another Arcadiator thanks to the PIF.  I used the same artwork as last time, but used a Tayda drill and UV print.

Guts are nothing special, just banged those out, and despite measuring the template, I managed to get the pot row too low. 
Build Reports / Mega Rat (Jimilee Super Rat)
January 04, 2024, 10:23:37 AM
I've been sitting on both the enclosure and the pcb for a while, just waiting to get a 1p8t.  Actually got a bit proactive and found them at diyguitarpedals so off we went and boxed it up.

Tayda UV print, Jimilee pcb.  Sounds pretty good, fairly fuzzy at high settings, feels very Smashing Pumpkins to me (which is odd, given the Muff association).

Gudday all.  Here's Sweet Revenge.  It was supposed to be a jfet Soldano Avenger on vero, but after boxing it was REALLY noisy and I couldn't work out why - which was a shame because it did sound great under all that.  Anyway, I decided I'd recycle the box with something else while not stripping it, meaning I needed something with a BMT tonestack.  Turned out I had one of Jimilee's Angry Charlies around, so in it went.  I had to float the pots and the guts are a bit of a mess, but it's dead quiet and sounds great.  Tayda UV printed enclosure.

Open Discussion / NGD - MJ Charvel Socal...
June 06, 2023, 11:33:20 AM
I'd been after a black strat with a floyd for ages - buying some squier some random had dropped a cheap chinese one into, buying parts and putting them together, but I sold them along the way because they were never that good.  Nearly got the Player Floyd, but went with a more trad Player Strat and modded that.

But then Charvel Japan did this.... I'd been watching it for nearly a year I reckon before I finally got the courage to grab it online.  I'd say it's nearly perfect but it's missing a reverse headstock, lol.

MJ Charvel Socal....
Build Reports / Funk Soul Brother - RCC into NE-1
June 05, 2023, 02:21:56 PM
Gudday all.  Nothing super exciting to see here really, basically rehousing a couple of the boards from my Random Stranger build years ago.

I'd removed the XLR driver and used it in an amp build last year, and cannibalised the footswitches from Random Stranger a while ago and decided I'd recycle the main boards into something smaller.  So, here's Funk Soul Brother, featuring the usual current amount of graphical inspiration I don't have and datapol on black etching primer.  The box was recycled from a TDA amp project that was super noisy and didn't make the cut.

This works as expected.  The NE-1 only makes unity with full volume, so maybe there's something grounding that shouldn't be but I did sub the original 20kB pot for a 10kB just to finish it off.

Lots of spaghetti, but I've given up on trying to make multis on vero look good inside.

Original build:

So I saw a bloke on FB with a bunch of superstrat projects up for sale, and saw a Kramer Striker in the listing.  I asked what he was after and if he'd trade, pointed to the pedals I had up for sale, and he agreed.  After sending photos of the packaging and tracking numbers, we put our respective packages in the mail (1000k+ away from each other) at the same time.

I got this for my Reactor, Hellboy, and a Ly-Rock Ceres clone.  It's complete other than cavity covers and neckplate.  One of the tone pots is knackered and won't turn, and the frets need replacing or a good hard sand but otherwise it's in really good nick.

Build Reports / Black Forest - Jok3rX Uberschall
February 19, 2023, 12:34:13 PM
Gudday all.  I pulled my initial Hellboy build apart a while ago as there was some squealing going on occasionally, probably due to having two high gain vero circuits sandwiched next to each other in the one 1590DD.  I reclaimed and filled that box with just the Seventh Heaven, and finally got around to boxing up the Black Forest.

Again, this is a tayda drilled, powdercoated, and UV printed enclosure.  It's their gloss black powdercoat, but only white printed.  Interestingly, you can change up the opacity in the white layer and this is how I did the faded forest graphics.

When setting out the UV print template I forgot about the clearance needed for a 2dpt so the "Width" control has been hardwired
and replaced with a dummy pot to fill the hole.  I'd actually meant to put gain/vol/width on the second row to get that clearance from the jacks, but I forgot and there you go...

I promise to get some knobs shortly.

Build Reports / Red Rocket - Jimilee Red Rocker PCB
February 11, 2023, 06:24:55 AM
Gudday all.  This is Red Rocket, using Jimilee's Red Rocker PCB.  We had a few issues at first but found out it was a dud 20k resistor in the power section (Jimi had been kind enough to send his voltages through and suggest where to look).  Once that was fixed, we were good to go.

This would have to be in my top 5 drives, if not top 3.  I messed up and once again got the volume and drive labels swapped in my print template.  I'll get knobs on it sometime, but I'll wait until I need to do another order.  I may have to get another pcb off Jimi too...

Build Reports / Bassick - Brenja's Bass Driver 3.1 pcb
February 05, 2023, 01:49:41 PM
Gudday all.  I'm currently on another pedal finishing run now that my tayda order arrived.  This is is Bassick, using Brenja's Bass Driver 3.1 PCB he sold me 3 years ago (sorry mate, just getting around to it now).

I had an issue getting the fet switching to work, (it just powered up into "on" and wouldn't bypass) so I went back to the 2.0 docs that I used in my Phat Boy build and wired it for a 3pdt.  This took a couple of hours as I couldn't get it to work.  Don't know what I finally did right but the wiring I finally did was identical to the docs - but my initial identical wiring (also identical to the docs) didn't work and it just gave a bypassed signal. Anyway...

While my tayda drill template had all the right distances, I didn't place it high up enough in the enclosure and I had to really jam the 3pdt and output 1/4 jack in tight up against the pcb.  The pcb was actually extending into the hole.  Anway....

All things being equal, I'm glad I stuck with trying to get it all to work and fit.  In the end after all that there's something weird going on with the level pot that I sorted by really tightening it down - while it was wobbling the sound cut out unless I lent on it a certain way.  This isn't an ideal solution but there's no way I'm pulling this apart to deal with it now.

Build Reports / Doc - Modded Dist+ with clean blend.
February 03, 2023, 03:32:33 AM
Gudday all.  Had a guy see some of my builds and he contacted me asking for something to make his bass sound epic.  So, I went with the usual modded Dist+ jobbie.  He supplied the artwork and off we went.  I decided to try an Emexar pcb from the Guitarpcb Australian distributor as I had an order to get anyway.

I did have an issue with the print as somewhere along the line I'd misaligned it in Illustrator - probably because I was in a rush and had/wanted to get an order off.  I also forgot to specify the size of the jack holes so I had to drill those out from the stock 3mm holes.  I told the client and told him I'd make it good and give a discount as a result.  I scrapped the print off with my thumbnail and it looks fine, the minimal blem is covered by the washer and knob.  Dude was cool with it.

Anyway, here's Doc.  Don't ask me about the name or the graphics, he supplied those and it was originally going be called "Richo" after an AFL player.  I have no idea who Doc is.

It's a little noisey for my tastes.  I don't recall having this issue with my Darth Punk or Bass Bomb builds - both on vero.
Build Reports / Blue Whale - Jimilee's Blue Morning
February 01, 2023, 12:27:02 PM
So, Jimilee was kind enough to sell and send his pcbs to me in Australia, and this is the first one finished.  It's a nice take on the Bluesbreaker, and the hard/soft switches are handy.

This is my now usual Tayda powdercoat, drill, UV printed enclosure with stolen internet graphics.

Build Reports / Wrendrive - guitarpcb Zendrive clone.
January 18, 2023, 02:17:38 PM
Not much to say, it's Guitarpcb's Zendrive clone pcb in a tayda drilled, powdercoated, and UV printed enclosure with stolen internet artwork.  Not great pcbs are far as internals are concerned - pcb mounted pots are always neater - but it sounds good.  The tayda services are basically a cheatcode imo.


Gudday all, this is Royal Dawn, otherwise known as Storyboardist's/Effectlayout's King of the Morning, running a Morning Glory into a Prince of Tone.  It might be the other way around, I'm not 100% on that.


So this was a complete bastard to get running.  Everything would work fine out of the box, but as soon as I boxed it up I just had motorboating, which normally means a ground is disconnected. 
I pulled the guts out and tested it - worked fine. 
Put the stuff back in, minus DC and 1/4inch jacks, tested - worked.
Put that stuff back in, tightened everything up and...... it motorboated.

I pulled the guts out again and got much the same result.  I replaced a jack as jiggling could cut the sound.  I looked closer and saw the clipping and cut switches were up against a couple of pot legs so I put some masking tape between those, reboxed, tested.  Right, that worked.  Tightened everything up and tested, great - it works.

All that is on me anyway, probably took some dodgy measurements off the drill doc.

I think I like this one the most so far out of my recent builds, or at least the Morning Glory side for some reason.  Turns out I'm still not a massive fan of stacking drives.

I might need to look at it again, as it's only just making a bit past unity volume, especially with a couple of the clipping modes.

Build Reports / Clone of Tone - Pedalpcb Paragon
October 06, 2022, 05:11:46 AM
Gudday all.  Just another build, this time a PedalPCB Paragon in another Tayda drilled, painted, printed enclosure.  I think this is almost making it all too easy after some of my monster vero builds of the past.

Build Reports / Rat King - Storyboardist Loyalist pcb
October 04, 2022, 06:51:52 AM
Gudday all, boxed this one up today.  It's a Storyboardist Loyalist pcb, being a Morning Glory into a (turbo) Rat.  I could have used the pcb mounted LEDs and made my life a lot easier with the 3pdt pcbs, but I like my LEDs next to the footswitches.

I'd use steel washers for the footswitches normally, but I can't find the couple of packets I have lying around here so I'm waiting on some more to arrive from ebay/china.

Gudday all.  A fellow was getting rid of some Apacpulco Gold pcbs of $2 on FB a little while ago, so I nabbed three with the purpose of selling the builds later.  I'm not a fan of the AG as it stands although it does what it does well, so I decided that it needed a gain control and dual channels because I can't leave well enough alone and that's what I do.

Super happy with the gain taper given by these "b" pots, seems smooth through the whole throw.  I thought I meant to get "a" but... anyway, there it is and it works great.  Both the volume and gain controls are just voltage dividers and in theory you could get the same result with your guitar's volume knob as far as the gain goes.

Wiring is always neat until I start messing around with the pots and whatnot.  The pcb has some double sided foam tape under it but there wasn't a good spot to put it down so I zip tied it to some other cabling.

Tayda drill, powdercoat, and UV print.
Gudday all, here's my X-Fuzz on vero.  I'm not a fuzz fan at all, but this thing rips.  Tayda drilled, powder coated, and UV printed.

Build Reports / Blues Crusher (diyguitarpedals pcb)
September 24, 2022, 07:24:07 AM
Gudday all, this is the latest of my builds that lack any sort of visual inspiration.  Using Chromosphere's Blues Crusher pcb, I've wired the "Crush" switch to a footswitch, and replaced the resistor in the gain section that it would switch with a pot.

Basically, it switches between the high and low gain dip switch settings on PoT.  It's not a crazy amount of dirt, just a bit more fuller in the saturation.  Tayda drill, powdercoat, and UV print.

This is the PCBmania KoT pre-populated smd pcb with Tayda drill, powdercoat, and UV print.  It's not bad.