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Open Discussion / Re: NGD.....
June 17, 2024, 11:33:23 PM
Quote from: lars on June 14, 2024, 11:39:26 AMI think this is the first time I've heard of somebody getting an "SL by Aria Pro II" stolen. That must have been the roughest neighborhood in the world. The pawn shop value in 2006 must have been north of Twenty...five dollars.

In all fairness, it was in a hardcase and they wouldn't have known what was in it.  They also stole the bass and rolled the car out into the street with all the doors and and hatch open.

It may not have looked like much, but it had it where it counted.  The floyd *never* went out of tune, and the Dimarzio Megadrive rocked.  I used to just run into my amp via the crybaby and used to get complements on my sound constantly.

QuoteThat's a fun one. You know what it's made of?
They're marine ply dipped in some sort of sealer plastic.  Fairly common for budget korean guitars in the 80s.  Imagine this without the stain:
Open Discussion / NGD.....
June 14, 2024, 01:33:14 AM
Going back to 1992, I got an "SL by Aria Pro II" and modified it by painting it black and later getting it stripped, floyded, and routed for HSH moving the bridge to the neck position and putting a Megadrive in the bridge.

Fast forward to 2006 and it gets stolen out of my car after a gig.  I always kept an eye out for it afterwards, and would browse ebay and marketplace for a similar one.  One turned up a couple of weeks ago with a HS set of EMGs and equipped with an ibanez floyd so I grabbed it.  The bloke reckons he's gigged it heaps but it's a little rough.  Someone has dug out the side fret markers and the paint has yellowed over time but there's nothing insurmountable happening.

I think I'll put some 80's fluro stripes under a black base on it at this stage.
Open Discussion / Re: What are you playing? (games)
June 06, 2024, 10:09:57 PM
Quote from: madbean on June 01, 2024, 11:47:56 PM

Just finished this last week.  I've had it on my 2 prior laptops and only had the last couple of missions to go.  My laptop fell off a desk recently and I replaced it with insurance, so I decided to finally finish it.

Great game if a little repetitive towards the end.  Wasn't super happy with the ending, but it is what it is.

Currently Baldur's Gate 3 is taking over my gaming time, other than some online chess.  War Thunder has dropped off the wayside because of it.
Build Reports / Re: Queen, Clone, Pickles.
June 03, 2024, 10:55:43 PM
Changed out a 500k gain pot for a 1meg, put in a red LED indicator, and knobs to reflect that...
Build Reports / Re: Queen, Clone, Pickles.
May 28, 2024, 10:40:38 PM
Quote from: Aleph Null on May 28, 2024, 04:43:06 PMLooking good! How do you like the screen printing service?

Yeah, I really like it.  Drilling, painting, and doing a full surface sticker with clear coat takes up nearly as much time as populating the actual boards, and there's so much room for mistakes in the process.  My biggest issue with the tayda UV is that I'll misalign something or get an older artwork version printed.  All user error, but they look pretty good imo and worth the extra cost.
Build Reports / Re: Queen, Clone, Pickles.
May 28, 2024, 04:01:22 PM
Gutshots as there's a limit on the number of fines in the OP.
Build Reports / Queen, Clone, Pickles.
May 28, 2024, 03:59:11 PM
Scream Queen (Jimilee's King of Scream).
Clontaur (Pedalpcb Cliche Mini/klon)
Throbbing Brown Machine (Pedalpcb Gerkin/Swollen Pickle)

TBM was a commission job.  Everything else is me working through my backlog.

I used an NS/XX for the Scream Queen while it's a B sized pcb, I prefer BBs to be in portrait whereas the NS is roughly 2x125b side by side and I prefer that footprint.  Pots could have been spread out, but I kept them pcb mounted.

Still got no inspiration for artwork.  Enclosures are tayda drill/powdercoat/UVprints.


Banged out a couple of Plexi type things.  Marsha800 is a Pedalpcb M800, and Marsha x3 is a Haberdasher Plexitone etch.  Both are Tayda drill/powdercoat/UV print.  I'll get knobs that fit that spacing on the x3 one day....  Messed up the alignment on the x3, but oh well, whatever.
Global Annoucements / Re: Forum issues
April 11, 2024, 02:02:17 AM
I was logged on as Haberdasher, or Jimilee, or myself depending on what area of the forum I was in.

Wasn't able to post in the build reports until I was, neither are showing up in the subs, and with the second one I got an error page saying I'd already submitted the post.
Build Reports / Arcadiator
April 11, 2024, 01:53:17 AM
Nothing super special beyond getting to build another Arcadiator thanks to the PIF.  I used the same artwork as last time, but used a Tayda drill and UV print.

Guts are nothing special, just banged those out, and despite measuring the template, I managed to get the pot row too low. 
Build Reports / Re: Not an amp, not a pedal sort of both
February 14, 2024, 01:15:46 AM
Quote from: JackSkellington on January 17, 2024, 09:00:33 AM
Is this maybe a good alternative to the TPA3118? (Do you know it?)

It might be alright, but the TPA3116/8 are 50 and 30watt per side amps (allegedly).  This is a 3110, 15w a side.

Lately I've been messing with Aliexpress amps pcbs.  Hit and miss, had one that was great, but only one side worked....
Some of those little amp pcbs are surprising loud.  I've built a couple and gigged with them.  Push them through a 4x12 and they'll keep up with acoustic drums.
Build Reports / Mega Rat (Jimilee Super Rat)
January 04, 2024, 10:23:37 AM
I've been sitting on both the enclosure and the pcb for a while, just waiting to get a 1p8t.  Actually got a bit proactive and found them at diyguitarpedals so off we went and boxed it up.

Tayda UV print, Jimilee pcb.  Sounds pretty good, fairly fuzzy at high settings, feels very Smashing Pumpkins to me (which is odd, given the Muff association).

Open Discussion / Re: Today is 12 31 23
January 01, 2024, 02:22:23 PM
Meanwhile, the rest of the world was going, "Huh? it's 31/12/2023...." :D
Love the pedalboard, but here's a golden question for you - ToneX or IR-X?