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Open Discussion / New Lovetone project PCBs
« on: July 02, 2021, 04:01:47 PM »
Dear all

Iím really stoked that today 4 new Lovetone projects were launched over at Aion

Iíve helped verify both schematics and prototype builds
I hope that if these do well then the Ringstinger or Flanger might be on the cards
Kevin is a top guy and really cares about authenticity

No affiliation, I donít get paid to promote or any cut from sales
Just a love of Lovetone and sharing the joy of these amazing analog creations into the hands of people that either never heard them or wouldnít pay klon money for them.

The PCBs are lovely, build docs ideal and I would vouch for the sound quality. Some small adaptations made all very sensible (eg film vs electro caps, rationalising some switching options, even adding a feature or two for the meatball).

Will be great to have addtional reliable source for these circuits for years to come

Ian (apparently Iím the DIY Lovetone expert?! SOTSOG; shout outs due also to alanP, RG keen, GOvlacky, Dino and Phil at deadendfx, and more)


Open Discussion / Curious Lovetone "snake oil"
« on: March 09, 2021, 01:10:33 PM »
Randomly got served this as a suggestion on eBay

Anyone know what fuckery this dude is trying to schill here?
A quad and a dual opamp for £15??

Answers on a postcard. Yes I have written the same to the seller, almost verbatim...

Build Reports / Nope Smoker
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:40:53 AM »

So I was lucky enough to get a super custom commission for a crazy idea of a fuzz pedal, from a nice guy at ILF for their secret santa
The result was something called the Nope Smoker (see also their band thing of the same name

I was asked to make a dirty reverb with a clean blend at first, but this evolved to wanting a dirt in parallel with the dirt and apparently the guy liked RATS.
The final concept is shown below in a block diagram. Everything needed to fit in as small an enclosure as possible....

Proudly I used PCBs from a variety of our DIY friends for this. The JMK Paralyzer worked perfectly as needed for the paralleling of signals. I used a 1776effects "rub-a-dub" for the reverb as its a classic, low parts and small footprint. The RAT was a board that I acquired many eons ago, and its meant to be a direct drop in replacement for a standard RAT enclosure, and I cant remember the vendor.. thing its by CultureJam?. Its got all three clipping modes, as well as Reutz on a dip. Perfect! Lastly the Plesur Feta Complis version of the Big Cheese.

The switching allows for 12 basic combinations, before you consider there are 3 Rats, each with a Reutz flavour, and 4 tone settings of the Big Cheese. I cant get my head around how many possible combos that makes :)

This took some planning, especially for the measuring and drilling. The Small vero on the standoff partially hidden is just a power distro with each 9v having its own small ohm resistor feed (think I used 100r for each) along with a common ground and a CLR feed for the bypass indicator..

edit - found the RAT PCB

Build Reports / Dinosaural clones by AION FX
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:32:27 AM »

Had the pleasure to be provided FOC two new AION FX pcbs, which are Kevins take on the Dinosaural OPA-101 preamp and the old Tube bender
I used to own the real ones, along with the OTC-201 compressor. When Kevin released his PCB for the compressor I built it and immediate let the Dinos roam, as the clone was spot on. I knew that Kevin would get round to these and finally got them built.

They sound great and as I remember, with some nice additions (eg fixed tone changed for pot on OPA, extra tone shift option on TB)
Messed up my grpahic process a tad (evident on the TB as a pink halo - too hot for too long apparently) but as these arent for sale and rather for my own posterity I will live with it :)

Build Reports / Smallest doppelganger ever?
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:23:11 AM »
Howdy folks

Back in the pandemic a friend asked me if its possible to make the most pedalboard friendly version of the Lovetone Doppelganger.
I challenged myself and came up with this build. I sacrificed the pedal controls, but honestly, could have added them I reckon.

Its a 1590BB tall. Not shown are some long solid core standoffs used for the pot mounting :)
Was an absolute swine to put together, the pcb is semi-floating of course as its almost exactly the same dimensions as the enclosure cavity.
Still, it works great, retains all the footswitching modes and sounds a beast.

With the proof of concept done, a slightly modified pair were produced for aforementioned friend, and pal of his.
These sacrifice the phase/vibe switch in favour of a toggle, and ditch wholesale the true/spectral bypass. The effect is essentiall hardwired on, so the LEDs are always pulsing in time with the LFO(s), and the red LED that normally shows ph/vb mode is now the bypass LED.

One of them was requested custom artwork with clear knobs, the other dude wanted crazy coloured knobs. Happy to oblige!

Build Reports / Lovetone Brown Source 1:1 clone
« on: November 28, 2020, 11:22:50 AM »

Got a request from a working musician who sold his original Cheese Source but missed the Brown side a bit too much
A while back I traced this out and by coincidence another forum member recently built one!

Sounds great, and amused myself and the client with the play on words.

Build Reports / Astroverb - DeadEndFX "Hooke"
« on: October 29, 2020, 06:08:18 AM »

Been doing bits and bobs of pedalbuilding recently and Phil from DeadEndFX was kind enough to send me a PCB set for their take on the Spaceman Orion analog spring reverb, called the Hooke. A couple other people here have built one.

I decided to use a Hammond 1550E case. You have to be a bit careful exactly where you mount the reverb tank given the slightly smaller space than the recomended 1590D case. You can probably see because I didnt want to cut down the spring mounting screws, I had to flip one transistor and one capacitor on the top of the sandwiched PCBs to prevent fouling. Probably 5 minutes more spent measuring better would have avoided that.

Anyway, it sounds really cool - gives my reverb tank in the Fender HotRod Deluxe a good run. Amazing considering its based on a very cheap and small plastic reverb tank.

Gratituous pics to follow

First graphic print came out wrong so I ended up using part of it on the baseplate :)

Its recommended to put material / foam inside the case but I didnt have anything appropriate to hand and figured I can always add it later


I have been asked to design a pedal. The general requirements are two dirt circuits in parallel, with a reverb in front of one of them.
There should be the option for each of the effects to be turned off to create combinations. There should also be the chance for a clean blend option, as the pedal will be used on bass.

I remembered I had PCB for a tool from JMK called the  Paralyzer which I felt would work perfectly.
I drew up this block diagram for the client but wanted to sanity check it with you. Obviously I took the block diagram from JMK manual and modified it crudely in paint to get the point across.

The idea is to keep it simple with three manual toggle switches to define the sound structure, with a single stomp switch for global bypass. In a way its similar to the JHS VCR I suppose. He also doesnt want lots of lights etc so just one bpass one LED.

The concept is to have a RAT as the main distortion, with something else in the other fuzz, something simple like a 1 knob fuzz perhaps. Any suggestions there would be cool!

So, will this work? Any thoughts or comments? Am I crazy?
I dont want to take on the project and not have it work and be unable to deliver as its on a time scale to get it done.



Anyone tried the (new to me) Hammond 1590B3 series enclosures?
I was searching for some new boxes and need 125b really, but found these

About 10mm wider, a tiny bit shorter maybe but about as tall.
Also, they come in nice powder coats like the rest of their line of more normal sizes...

They also do one thats kinda like a 1590a but a bit bigger called 1590G2

And a taller 1590b called the 1590BS

These all look pretty cool, gonna try the top one at least :)

Open Discussion / I never told you guys....
« on: August 24, 2020, 04:04:07 PM »
On the 12th May I became a father for the first time.
After being 11 days late, a 3 day rollercoaster process through labour  and birth (induction, emergency foreceps, retained placenta surgery) we welcomed our daugher Isabelle (affectionately known as Izzy) to the world. Mercifully with COVID we were looked after very well and I was able to be 100% present.

All fathers Im sure say it, but truly I could not be more in awe or proud of my wife, throughout everything.

This was Izzy when she was born

This was about a week later safe at home settling into life (note the COVID haircut)

Ive been on and off learning the piano...she seemed "interested" here...

We were proud to learn she was soon accepted into Hogwarts (mother is a huge fan)

3 months old, happy again after a bad week due to vaccinations (sorry, antivaxxers)

This series of three were taken today. Im sure only a parent would find this so entertaining, but Jen and I were laughing a lot at this little series.

Its like she called a town meeting then decided to eat one of the inhabitants.

Anyway, hope you like the pictures. Now I have an official heir to my Lovetone pedal collection. She better want to learn guitar.... ;)


Open Discussion / Telecaster wiring issue...?
« on: August 08, 2020, 07:17:49 AM »
Hi y'all

I recently took my old Squier tele apart, and as part of tarting her up / practicing my woodworking and finishing, I replaced a long broken neck pickup.
Alongside this I also replaced the controls and switch with a standard 3-way oak grigsby, and full size pots.
I took a standard tele wiring diagram :

Problem is, its wired right (white hot, black ground) and yet in the middle position im getting a hollowed out sound with little bass. I beleive thats a phase issue.
Randomly, I also got this when I replaced the bridge pickup on my 72 reissue Custom ie- same thing bridge and neck work and sound fine in their respective positions, but in the middle, its ass. I know some people like that sound but not for me, at least not on these guitars.

Any advice as to what Ive done wrong, and how to remedy would be great.
This is somewhat an embarassment as I can clearly wire and solder things.... :(



Open Discussion / Partscaster experience?
« on: July 03, 2020, 01:18:01 AM »
Hi all

Long time no post.
Im considering attempting to put together a partscaster.
without writing an essay, its been an ambition of mine to have a relic guitar for a long time. I wanted a Danocaster but they are prohibitively expensive, and even now they started production again, its impossible to custom order and they sell them via instagram at 4am to the faster trigger finger...
That or a custom shop Fender, I suppose, and again they are even more expensive.

I figure a more affordable and perhaps fun way into the game would be to source some parts and "screw it together".
I appreciate there is more to it than simply screwing parts together.

Having said that, does anyone have any experience with MJT bodies, specifically a strat style (VTS)?
Suggestions on more economical ways, particularly in the UK, to get a aged finish on a neck would be welcome too.


Open Discussion / Harbinger (UniVibe) LDRs?
« on: April 08, 2020, 08:44:00 AM »

Anyone got experience building the harbinger with LDRs other than the ones in the BOM?
Even standard Tayda ones?



Build Reports / Neofuzz V (Deadend FX) WEM Project V fuzz
« on: February 10, 2020, 05:26:31 PM »
First build in what...4 or 5 months...?
Was kindly sent this PCB from DeadendFX (THANKYOU PMoulder)

Went together an absolute treat. I didnt bother with the ferrite bead, and I only had 100k/10k trims (50k/5k specified) but that doesnt make any odds really.
Tuned as per the spec (3.4v Q5 / 1.5v Q3) and sounds really fiery. The filter switches really make massive differences. Ive build three project v's now and this one was a pleasure.


Open Discussion / Lovetone re-enters the mainstream (kinda)
« on: September 26, 2019, 06:37:12 PM »
JHS has put out a mass produced clone of his own 1995 Big Cheese
He has called it the Cheeseball which doubles the irony as Vlad from Lovetone talked of releasing a new product in 2015 called... the Cheeseball

This announcement has already drawn some Umbrage from Dan Coggins who designed the Lovetone pedals.

I say all fair in love(tone) and war - I just hope JHS did it right
I await gutshots with baited breath

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