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Open Discussion / Re: Favorite pedal brand
« on: September 29, 2020, 01:10:30 AM »
Lovetone pedals are awesome, and I wanted them SO BADLY when I first saw them. Until I got a few clones and realized way too many knobs. It's like going to the store to get peanut butter and finding 50 different brands, types and flavors. 4 is about my max with knobs these days, less is more, especially with mod pedals. LOVE the one knob MXR and EHX phasers.

Open Discussion / Re: Favorite pedal brand
« on: September 27, 2020, 11:36:19 AM »
EHX makes fun stuff, even today they are pushing the envelope. I just wish they would use smaller enclosures. But my biggest love was and still is Boss. Ever since my formative first guitar playing years in the 80's I've been hooked hook line and sinker on the small colored boxes. And modding Boss pedals was what got me into the hobby. I've had EHX pedals that I don't use, I've got Boss pedals I don't use. I will sooner part with my EHX pedals though, as I do love to collect Boss pedals. Yeah, Boss is a little more conservative in its extreme sounds then EHX, but you can drop any Boss pedal from a tower block roof, use a Boss pedal to hammer a zombie's brain, and they will survive. The old EHX pedals look flimsy in comparison. And sometimes you need simple straight forward bread and butter pedals. Plus Prince LOVED Boss pedals, he had a great guitar tone and was a great guitar player, so they can't be bad.

Honorable mentions go to Line 6 pedals, because the 4 modeler pedals are awesome value for what you get and offer some great use for effects abuse. And their smaller pedals aren't slouches either. Especially the Echo Park is a very underrated delay pedal.

Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
« on: September 17, 2020, 05:38:31 AM »
This is probably a really stupid question, but the band named 'Live'... (always wondered about that... "I'm seeing the band Live tonight!" "Which band?" "Live!" "Well, of course it's live, what band is it?")

Is it pronounced live as in "Performing live tonight!", or as in "Live long and prosper" ?

That's just weird. Try searching for a band you saw during a gig and thought was cool which was called 'The Music'. Have fun googling that.

There's been several English dubs of those -- Asterix in Britain was my favourite.

I mean like a blockbuster :)

By French standards those were blockbusters. I reckon it would be hard to make them work like that as the action would be cartoony and the humor very European. Lots of European leaders, artists and prominents from the 60's and 70's had cameos in Asterix. Hollywood would just f*** it up. Like they always do. And throw in some gender and race swaps to boot.

people in the US don't know the character at all. I'm only familiar with him from seeing a few (emphasis on few, they were very uncommon) comics at comic book stores years ago.

I was always intrigued but never had the money to buy them.

I grew up on this stuff. All this American superhero stuff was as alien to me as Asterix is to you. I knew it existed but I never saw it at the time.

After watching far too many BosnianBill and LockPickingLawyer videos, I picked up a set of progressive training locks and lockpicks from Sparrows.

The part that gave me the shits was finding out that the lock I'd used for my bicycle all through intermediate and highschool was about as hard as the three pin training lock with no security pins.

When I went to university we had the introduction beforehand, where senior students would help you to show you around the place. The group went out for a night on the town, the senior student locked his bike to mine with a big chain, and when we came back our bikes were still there, only the chain had been stolen.

Open Discussion / Re: So, What's the Deal With Tayda Electronics???
« on: September 09, 2020, 04:03:12 AM »
When I still built pedals I LOVED Tayda. It allowed me to build between 4 to 6 pedals a month. AND build up stock as well. There's no way I could have done so with using parts from Musikding or Smallbear, let alone that as a European shipping from the US is prohibitively expensive. Really expensive because of the double whammy of both shipping costs and customs duties. Whereas Tayda would 19 times out of 20 sneak under the customs radar if you only ordered enough so they would use the padded envelope. A box, that would get hit, but usually never the envelopes. And I could still built 2 pedals on average on parts with the envelope.

Tayda was an enabler. Allowed me to feed my pedal addiction at a reasonable cost. Wouldn't use them for professional builds for others, but then again I only built for myself. If I still did I would get my pots, switches, resistors, caps, most diodes and the common IC's from them still. And let's not forget their enclosures. Cheapest 125B's I could find at the time, my box of choice. Only the really rare IC's and transistors I would source elsewhere.

Open Discussion / Re: This made me smile
« on: June 27, 2020, 10:50:05 AM »
I find it anything but funny. Well, kinda, but it was one thing when Islamic hardliners were tearing down statues and smashing them up in Afghanistan and Syria, to see it happen here in the West is terrible. As a former student of history it breaks my heart and make me fear for more crazy is to follow.

Open Discussion / Re: Anyone out there flying hobby drones?
« on: June 27, 2020, 10:45:37 AM »
Having seen a lot of drone shots from the guys at advchina I have been kinda long term lusting after a drone myself. Winston made amazing footage of massive Chinese cities when they were still there.

Open Discussion / Re: New project: Signal tracer/injection pen
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:18:00 PM »
Seeing your vid where you describe following the signal path on the schematic I can't help but think how helpful it would be if the signal path was also shown with a similar colored line or tiny arrows on a pcb.

Open Discussion / Re: New pedal day.... bad news...
« on: May 31, 2020, 08:08:36 AM »
I bought an Axe-FX in I think 2016 and started using it a year later (manual cold feet mostly), but once I did start to use the number of pedals I built has dropped down to less then I can count on one hand. It used to be that I could excuse myself building 4 tot 6 pedals a month was okay, because one of them might end up on my pedal board. Now no pedal makes it on my board anymore, as the Axe FX can literally do anything, so why bother building pedals any more?

For the lulz you might say? I also build guitars, so I'm still building things so that urge still gets scratched. If anything getting an Axe FX only makes your guitar collection explode. Which makes sense, right? You don't need amps or pedals any more, but you can always use a new guitar.

Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
« on: May 10, 2020, 08:29:48 AM »
I'm set and forget too. Does it melt the solder? Fine, good enough, never ever hit the settings again.

Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:07:32 AM »
I reckon I must have missed something. Like in cute kittens.  ;D

I donít think the cure will be worse, but itís not going to be good.

Ever watched somebody go through cancer treatments? Trust me itís not pretty, but when the alternative is dying then the choice is a little less difficult, but honestly, not always that clear.

Oh, I think it will be very bad. You can't have the economy shut down, businesses collapse and then after the lockdown pretend like nothing has happened. Shit will be hitting the fan on a scale similar to 2008, if not 1929. And if its not that bad, good, glad to be wrong, but it never hurts to be prepared.

And yes, I have watched people die slowly from cancer. Both my mother and one of my grandmothers. It's not a fate I wish for everyone. But if the choice is between having some people die horribly from a disease or the majority suffer from hunger, I think most people will take their chances with corona and start to loot. The economy has to restart again because when there's no food to buy you can't eat money.

The thought occurred to me today that Toyota, Nissan, and the other major car manufacturers (like Suzuki, etc) need to bring out electric sports cars.

Not a hotted-up Prius or Smart, but a case where the Nissan Skyline team are given carte blanche to come up with an Electric Skyline. Something fast, sexy, and with a historical name behind it. Tesla have made a good one, but... they aren't wellknown as a carmaker, more as having a CEO who has a sideline of agent provocateur.

Because, IMO, just selling electric cars as 'eco-friendly' isn't going to get you the kind of market share it needs. You need aspirational cars -- both superfast voomvoom cars, and also luxury (with two g's... luggxury) of the kind that Maybach can pull off. As well as the greenies, the wider populace needs to buy into this on a mental level, rather than seeing it as being an 'eco-mentalist thing'.

I dunno. People who love thus luxury cars love them for their looks, and that glorious sound you make as you rev up the engine. You won't get that with an electric car. It's always going to be a case like with digital vs. analog. Some people will ALWAYS prefer the sound of analog over digital, so why would that be any different with fast flashy cars?

Besides, those cars are just a tiny tiny fragment of the total car market. If you want to end polution from cars you have to do like Ford did, not design high end cars, but one for the common man. The regular Joe may lust after a Ferrari, he's never in a million years going to be able to afford one. But he still needs something to drive from A to B, one that is affordable, reliable and economic. You're never going to get the masses to drive electric by designing electric super cars that they could never afford anyway. But build something that is cheap, reliable and cheaper to drive then gasoline and if you build it they will come. I for sure would.

This was brought to mind by some photos of New Delhi, before and after lockdown, and what a difference no cars made to the polluted skyline.

New Delhi is like the most polluted city on the planet? That or Beijing. Or Tehran. In the latter you can taste the pollution. I reckon this may be one of the good things to come out of this crisis. People having to work at home and not commute. And discovering that they may actually like it. And companies discovering you can operate that way. I reckon if after this crisis is over, and provided the economy hasn't melted down, a lot more working at home will take place. If only on average we'd all work 1 day per week at home that alone would probably be a big savings for the environment.

Open Discussion / Re: Lets talk about strat pickups
« on: April 29, 2020, 05:22:47 AM »
When splitting humbuckers you should keep in mind the 250k/500k pot thing and how it effects pickup loading and max tone pot treble. Split humbuckers typically tend to sound thin and trebly. This is usually because HBs are designed to be used with 500k pots. So when you split them, you are effectively running a single coil thru a 500k pot.

I remember reading somewhere that some humbuckers, like the Duncan JB, were more or less designed to be used in a Strat and therefore tended to work well with the 250k pots that were already in them. I am mainly looking at it from the perspective of splitting HBs in a Gibson so when I think that, when they factory load 300k pots, that it's specific whatever pickups come in it, which can vary from year to year and even in very similar models. I think most of the nuance gets lost in the 300k vs 500k factory pot debate.

I know that the physical design (slugs vs bar) accounts for some of the difference between SC and HB, but I think you could prob get a little closer to an acceptable single coil sound from a split HB if you design in some resistance switching as well. For instance use a 500k pot, and switch in an additional parallel 500k OR 1M resistor when you pull the pot to split.

BTW, I have a 2005 SG Standard that came with all 300k pots and pickups are:
490R (Alnico2) 7.8k
498T (Alnico5) 14.2k

With all the pedal tap dancing I have to deal with while playing I don't want to burden myself with additional guitar switch finger dancing as well. This is why I don't bother with all of this coil splitting parallel serial out of phase nonsense. Just pure humbucking tone. Just the way our Lord and Master Seth Lover intended it.

What about a single coil sized humbucker?

Full humbucker and single coil sized humbucker do not always deliver the same sound.

I've done that with for a neck pickup. I had no template but I used a jigsaw and some files, until I finally managed to fit that humbucker in. Funny thing is that a luthier had modified that same pickguard to fit a bridge humbucker. Don't know how he did it though, but the new hole he drilled for the humbucker's top screw sets about 1.5mm next to the old single coil screw hole.

Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
« on: April 26, 2020, 05:02:45 AM »
One guy at work (the same guy who doesn't understand the stock market), needed several days of explaining to understand why you can't just have the country on lockdown for a year, and why the economy (and supply chain) will be totally f'ed.

Basic Economics should be a mandatory class requiring a pass in order to graduate.

I'm not even sure most economics professors understand economics. It's as much psychology as it is all that mathy stuff. People don't behave and act rationally. Unfortunately we live in an age where feelings and emotions trump logical thinking and I'm afraid. So if the politicians see that the social media sphere wants something stupid done, they will do it.

And we also live in an age where we are so far removed from how our food and non-foods are made. I loved watching those reality TV shows set in Alaska, and I couldn't help but notice there were no vegans in Alaska. Where even small kids knew that the meat on their plate was that lovely animal they used to play with or some karibou their dad shot. They know where their food comes from, it's not some package that just magically materializes in a supermarket. And that if they don't work their asses off in the summer they will go hungry in the winter. And their non-foods are not things that just materializes in your mail box because you clicked on something on the internet. They have to make it themselves, scrounge the parts, or make something else to trade for it. When you are that far removed from how your food is made, how things are made, when all you do all day for a living is hit keyboards and stare at screens, then yes, I am not surprised that you think that food will continue to materialize for a whole year in lockdown.

Ultimately the cure will be worse then the disease and its effects will be with us for far longer then the disease.

Open Discussion / Re: Just Saying -- the soapbox thread
« on: April 25, 2020, 10:50:10 AM »
I decided (stupidly) to use some of my stimulus check to build myself a new computer. This rig is 5 years old, and I originally planned it to last "4 or 5 years" (to quote my own scribbled notes). So, yesterday, got the shopping lists together and pushed the button on the orders, new CPU, motherboard, and RAM (vid card and PSU will last me a while longer). Then I went to buy groceries.

Aaaaand my car crapped out on the drive home. Engine just cut out. In the middle of nowhere, at 9pm. And Uber charged me 20$ to get me home. Car is currently in the shop, and I'm waiting on the butchers bill. (Symptoms: turning key chugs a bit, but won't catch, and fills the cabin with strong sulfur smell. I'm guessing the distributor crapped out, wouldn't be the first time, but my car doesn't have a genome I can tinker with so it's all voodoo to me)

I think the universe just whapped me on the nose for being frivolous with money I should have been saving for more essential stuff.  :-\

edit: Ignition coil shorted out and killed the Engine Control Unit (the computer brain). 850$ repair on a car I only paid 1200$ for. Ugh.

There's no point in saving money anyway. Interest rates were so low prior to corona it practically cost you money to park it into an account, and once this thing is over we should count ourselves very lucky not to have hit Zimbabwean or Venezuelan inflation rates, because governments all over the world are printing money like the world will end tomorrow. Which it will if hyperinflation starts rearing its ugly head. So holding it back would only have seen it lose value. I wouldn't call a good PC that will last you for a long time a frivolous buy. You just had bad luck to be hit with bad luck.

Open Discussion / Re: Proofreading is a lost art
« on: April 22, 2020, 08:57:10 AM »
Looks painful

Don't knock it till you tried it?  ;D

The price of vintage pedals is and has always been correlated to the number of units produced, the rarity of obsolete chips or trannies in the first (desired) production versions and the number of famous albums on which they have allegedly been used.

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