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Build Reports / Re: Pedalboard pics megathread
« on: May 23, 2020, 09:38:16 AM »

Setting up a traditional blues / jazz board for a telecaster / matchless Spitfire Combination, that does not need a lot... Zendrive, King of Tone, Aion L5 (Clean Channel), Tap Tempo Tremolo, Alter Ego delay, Hall of Fame Reverb

General Questions / Re: Dr. Boogie in the 2020
« on: May 18, 2020, 10:35:54 AM »
Not really a Dr. Boogie, but a BSIAB/Okko Mashup, that I did... Just as an inspiration:

And a video of me playing that thing into a matchless amp:

Open Discussion / Re: Lets talk about strat pickups
« on: April 29, 2020, 09:17:32 AM »
I have modified Pickguards, and while it's doable with a lot of patience and swearing, I cannot recommend it (unless you have to do it for a customized pickguard). To get it right, you need a template and a router. I use a 3d printer for templates of pickups and you have to go very slowly, if you dont want the material to chip.

I am glad to hear that, congrats! Seems like the delay Sounds were Not loud enough or the noise Level was too high for taprecise to measure. Cool that it works now!

I double checked my documentation (, chapter 8. I remember it was kind of tricky to get the modulation running on the 2-PT-version. For the calibration of a 2-PT-Delay, I had to modify the code a bit (downloadable version!), so it might be, that that is the reason, why it isn't running on a 3-PT-Version (what is the complete schematic of that and what design is that - looks awesome and I see a lot of knobs and a microcontroller on your breadboard as well).

While I cannot really help with the 3-PT-Delay: What 2-PT-Design were you using... maybe I can help with that one.

P.S. As you mentioned the USB-Cable in your 1-PT-Design: Are all the GND (Taprecise, Delay etc.) connected to each other? Just an idea...

the receive pin is A0 and that must be working because it calibrates a single pt2399 just fine

OK... I must have missed that the Taprecise Board seems to work on a single pt2399 delay.

2 Seconds Rings a Bell... I think that If taprecise does Not receive an Echo within 2 sec, it will Stop the calibration. So, please Check If the echoes make it to the analog Pin (I will Check the Code tomorrow to See which one that is...)

I am really sorry I currently cannot support you better, Leetut. It's been a long time since I built my taprecise and the issues you describe do not remind me of anything I (or others) had to deal with before (there have been quite a few successful builds). Plus, my work load increased due to corona (nothing to complain about, really!), which kept me away from both, music and electronics for weeks...

I have never tried it with a 3PT2399 delay, mine works in a double PT Delay though. Don't see, why this should not work... What comes to my mind: Have you done Arduino programming before? If yes, you could try to write a small piece of code an manually (e.g. via the serial interface) set the resistance of the digipot (just to see if it reacts correctly). Also, you could check (much easier), if the tap tempo button is recognized by the arduino, check for the analog input that receives the echo beeps during calibration etc...

Disconnect the delay and measure, If the resistance in the three digipot lugs Changes during the calibration, please.

I assume the delay ist working with a regular Pot...

Seems Like the digi Pot is Not changing the delay time, so I assume some wiring issued between taprecise and the delay...

Global Annoucements / Re: Coming Up: Quarantine Builds
« on: March 22, 2020, 02:07:38 AM »
Finished my LAB5 yesterday, I'm in. We could extend the thread to anything else we get finished during the crisis. For example cleaning the basement ;-)

Build Reports / Re: Aion L5 LabSeries
« on: March 22, 2020, 01:58:48 AM »
Have you had this laying around for a while or is there a new run of the enclosures?
Can you explain what the multifilter sounds like?
I got this early 2020 - I thought that the price was "only" the PCB and was very surprised, that Kevin obviously meant to give away the enclosure as well. What a treat!
For the multifilter, I would say that it sounds like a presence control, but more effective (less effective and less artificial than an exciter, though). It adds narrow peaks at 1kHz, 1.37kHz, 1.9kHz, 2.63kHz, 3.63kHz and 5kHz, if I read the schematic and the patent correctly.
Interesting reading:

Very nice! You got that done pretty quick if it was your BOTY prize!
Thanks. Corona crisis gets me back to the soldering iron.

Did you have any issues with setup/biasing etc.? I've seen a few threads in various places where folks were running into trouble.
Not at all - I did it with the iOS app "signal generator", as recommended by Kevin. My DMM does not measure AC mV, so I had to take a very old analog device for that. Don't know about the precision of my setup, but it surely sounds nice to me. For the compression, I ended up maxing the trim pot (fully CW). It's in series with the limit pot on the front panel, which you will keep below 12:00 'o' clock anyway.

My biggest issue was finding an AC power supply that didn't give it fits.
What supply did you end up using? I've got a couple of the Line 6 supplies that I think he said would work.....
I used an old 9.5 V AC adapter rated for 400 mA I had lying around. The regulators get hot, but not too hot to touch them.

Build Reports / Re: Aion L5 LabSeries
« on: March 21, 2020, 02:43:12 PM »
I Take No credits for the design. That's Kevin! The Screws, the enclosure, the Name Plate ... I just Chose the knobs and the leds :-)

Build Reports / Aion L5 LabSeries
« on: March 21, 2020, 01:14:36 PM »
Awesome, my BOTY 2020 price - thanks, Kevin!

I like it better as a preamp than as a pedal. First shot is my preset in stompbox mode, second one in preamp mode (less compression required, higher master volume).

Some comments:
- Mouser ran out of the recommended Nichicon power caps - Try the Panasonic FP series for an equivalent ripple!
- Substitutions: OPA134 for LF356N, NJM2068 for RC4558P
- First time I orderded at Mouser: Shame on you, Mouser, what a waste of bags (giant plastic bags, often with second bags inside for a single resistor). Other suppliers use less than the half plastic waste.

Open Discussion / Re: Lets talk about strat pickups
« on: March 19, 2020, 12:23:55 PM »
When splitting humbuckers you should keep in mind the 250k/500k pot thing and how it effects pickup loading and max tone pot treble. Split humbuckers typically tend to sound thin and trebly. This is usually because HBs are designed to be used with 500k pots. So when you split them, you are effectively running a single coil thru a 500k pot.

I remember reading somewhere that some humbuckers, like the Duncan JB, were more or less designed to be used in a Strat and therefore tended to work well with the 250k pots that were already in them. I am mainly looking at it from the perspective of splitting HBs in a Gibson so when I think that, when they factory load 300k pots, that it's specific whatever pickups come in it, which can vary from year to year and even in very similar models. I think most of the nuance gets lost in the 300k vs 500k factory pot debate.

I know that the physical design (slugs vs bar) accounts for some of the difference between SC and HB, but I think you could prob get a little closer to an acceptable single coil sound from a split HB if you design in some resistance switching as well. For instance use a 500k pot, and switch in an additional parallel 500k OR 1M resistor when you pull the pot to split.

BTW, I have a 2005 SG Standard that came with all 300k pots and pickups are:
490R (Alnico2) 7.8k
498T (Alnico5) 14.2k

True! I've done that in another instrument. You need a Super Switch for that, I stole the idea from a Suhr HSS strat. I can dig it out, if you need that...

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