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Mods / EHX Nerds - Octave Multiplexer Mod help
March 18, 2016, 08:39:34 AM
Hey guys,

I have one of the reissue (XO) octave multiplexers that I'm looking to get a little more volume out of. Doesn't need to be a massive volume bump, but with the mix at 50% it's slightly below unity.

Am I able to tweak some values to get a little more juice out of the circuit, or am I best to just whack an LPB on the output and be done with it?

Schematic here:
Hey guys,

It's been a while but I want to get back into to building.
I'm looking for something fairly specific project wise - what I really want is an octave down that will fit in a 1590b, any projects out there?

I really like the lowrider but don't need the -2 and +1 octaves, and i'm really OCD about redundant/un-used controls on a pedal, plus its bigger than what will fit on my board.
I built the THcustom U-boat, but it was too glitchy/clicky/synthy.
What I really want I guess is a chopped down boss OC2, with only the -1 and dry controls. but I don't think such a project exists.

anything else I should be aware of?

Or do I just need to layout a PCB for a stripped back OC2 myself?
Can anyone confirm how easy these are to damage?

I spent several days debugging an HM2 build that had low output and was super thin and trebly sounding. I DID rock before boxing, but I tested with an optotron board already wired up. I've now removed the opto board and the HM2 is working perfectly. H11f1 had been sourced from smallbear FYI

Is it likely that I had killed the opto? And any way to test this?
I can check voltages and resistance on the opto if that will help ...
Open Discussion / PPP - Customer service?
May 01, 2015, 11:46:13 PM
First a bit of background. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to decorating my enclosures.
If I build something and decide it's a keeper, I'll order a powdercoated enclosure from PPP.

So. I placed an order for 2x 125b's in early march. received shipping notification on 03 march. Shipped via USPS first class, so I'm aware there's no tracking - any other shipping method is Too. Damn. Expensive.

Placed another order late in march, which was received in early april.

By mid-april, I was starting to wonder where my order had got to, so I emailed PPP on 21st april, and asked had it turned up back with them. No response.
Gave it another few days, and emailed again on 26th april. Still no response.

Now, I'm not expecting them to offer to send out some more enclosures.
I'd just like a response. y'know "thanks for your email, no we haven't received your enclosures back, we'll let you know."

I know they can't control what happens once the enclosures are shipped, but they can at least reply to their emails.
Not sure if I'll be placing any more orders with them, TBH.

Am I overreacting?
I picked one up for practically nothing. I know they are awful and any mods are just an exercise in turd-polishing, but are there any mods out there worth trying? (Aside from just setting it on fire?)
This isn't so much a question of whether this would work, because I have done it, and it does work.  8)

But the S & H mode sounds much less intense than I remember my older sharkfin being, which used 3080's.
Just wondering if that could be caused by subbing the 13600 for the 13700, or if I should be looking elsewhere ...
I've got back in the last week, 3 or 4 pedals that I've built for friends, all with faulty stomp switches. they're from various sources, Tayda, BLMS, and smallbear among them.

I've had enough and i'm going to make the switch (ba-dum-cha!) to either opto or relay based switching, looking at the pro's and cons of either.
Probably looking at designing my own boards, and most of the relay switching options I've seen have come with pre-progammed micro controllers, and that's not something I'm geared up for yet, so I guess I'm leaning more toward opto's.

I like the Optoshield opto bypass for Rej's STM project, so i'm probably leaning toward something similar to that or the opto-tron - curious about where you guys are sourcing your h1f11s though...
Open Discussion / DIY meatbox?
March 06, 2015, 02:30:16 AM
I'm sure I saw a post on here from someone who was going to do a meatbox PCB, with the unobtainium chips.

Can't remember who it was...

A buddy asked If I could build one, and I'd like one myself too  8)

Fess up guys , who was it? ;)
Tech Help - Projects Page / Fulltone OCD debug
March 01, 2015, 04:30:21 AM
Hey guys,

i've had a v4 OCD come across my desk, with no output

1  8.63 (this seems high - should be VB?)
2  5.1
3  5.5
4  0
5  7.1
6  6.3
7  6.3
8  9.3

audio-probing I get signal up to pin 3, and it's all quiet after that.

this was a working fulltone, (not a clone), that I sold to a friend that then returned to me a few months later, dead.
any ideas?
Open Discussion / GIGAWATTS!!!
February 26, 2015, 08:32:47 AM
Open Discussion / 2 in 1 reverb - moodring and...
February 16, 2015, 10:01:55 AM
Decided I need more verb in my life, and I want to box up a 2 in 1. I'm nearly finished the moodring, and i'm not sure what to pair it with. I can't afford to buy a Rub-a-dub, Rub-a-dub deluxe, and Tenebrion ...
so those of you who may have tried all (or some)  of the above, what do you like about them and why?

And which would you recommend to pair with the moodring?

Cheers guys
Build Reports / Bass station
February 14, 2015, 12:15:26 PM
My first build report for a while, this one has been a long time coming.
There's been a fairly consistent bunch of drives on my bass board for a while now and I'd been keen to put together a multi.
I was a little hesitant to put things in a fixed order as I'm always changing the order of drives on my board, and then I remembered I had one of Thomas H's Ultimate switch boards - relay switching, radio button style. Engaging one drive disables the one currently in use. I don't tend to stack my drives for bass, so no problem.

I give you the Bass-Station
Big Muff (civil war) > Roger Mayer Voodoo Bass > Kingslayer
Powercoated blue hammer enclosure from PPP

And guts. Not my neatest. I've been having trouble sleeping, so I dropped a sedative, then in a haze decided to wire the beast up. Not my smartest decision ever  ::) woke up in the morning and only half was working so I tore it down and totally rewired it - pretty happy with it now
Open Discussion / Sharkfin / FSH random trem
February 08, 2015, 01:54:19 AM
this is an idea that came to me in the shower (I have a lot of great ideas in the shower - usually bandnames  :P ).

I was thinking about a random tremolo and how to implement it - and driving an LED from the sharkfin oscillator, and using that to drive the LDR of say the Shoot the Moon could work, right? possibly off the source of q6?

Might investigate this further when I get a chance.
I'm not sure how useful an effect this would be, but since when has that been relevant  ;)

Anyone know of a fabbed PCB for the sans amp bass driver & DI?

I know there's an layout for etching around, but I've gotten so used to fabbed boards. If there's nothing already I may try to work up a layout in eagle.


Open Discussion / Microsynth squarewave fuzz
January 05, 2015, 11:01:57 AM
Ages ago, I built a fuzz from the Squarewave section of the EHX microsynth (here:

I was interested to revisit this fuzz after Lars' adventures with 3080's here:

The squarewave always seemed like a lot of parts for a fuzz, so I've stripped it right back. Single OTA and 2 dual opamps (previously it used 4 dual Opamps and a Dual OTA). Got it down to fitting in a 1590b, previously it was a tight fit in a BB.

I've adapted the squarewave fuzz for single supply, and removed the whole octave up / squarewave modulator section of the microsynth. I've implemented Lars' pot from V+ to the ampbias pin of the 3080.

I'm still a little iffy on the conversion from +/-9v to single supply, would appreciate if someone would give it the eye?

Anyone who knows such things tried any of the above for bass? I am a total compression noob, and don't really know what to expect, or what I want  8)
I have all three, and the vactrols on the way.
Will probably build them all, any suggested mods I should try?
280 build doc
and demeter build doc
Open Discussion / Happy new year!
December 31, 2014, 12:39:55 PM
Is it 2015 anywhere else yet? Greetings from the future  8)

I'm looking forward to 2015 being quite a challenging, yet hopefully rewarding year.

Don't have any resolutions as such, but I'd like to spend more time playing guitar this coming year.

Hope everyone has had/will have/is having a great NYE - I had a quiet night at home.

Here's a song:
Build Reports / Behemoth / Ezekiel
December 06, 2014, 10:23:46 PM
Well, I got some boards fabbed up for a DAM ezekiel clone, with board mounted alpha rotary switch and 16mm pots.
Got it built and I had a number of the pots wired backwards as well as a missing connection in my schematic.
I was going to put it in a 125b and live with the faults (until the revised boards arrived), but I had this enclosure that I got in a box of blems from PPP, and figured I might as well use it.
I Hate Hate Hate doing off board wiring for pots though, so it was a battle of willpower to get this thing done while keeping it reasonable tidy inside. All told, I'm pretty happy with the guts:

the enclosure does have an unused hole though - any thoughts on what could go there? I'm thinking a switchable LPF on the dry side for extra fatness.

Thanks for lookin'  8)
Just about to get around to building this, and the Music PCB site is down... anyone got the build doc for me?


Open Discussion / Diy Drum machine?
November 20, 2014, 07:04:55 AM
I'm after something not-overly-complicated, that I can build in a big box with maybe arcade style buttons, for my toddler to jam on  8)

Not overly fussed on sound quality, sequenceability, midi or anything modular (I am barely managing to withstand disappearing down that rabbit hole as it is). Just something standalone that will make vaguely drum-ish noises when plugged into an amp