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Open Discussion / Good Source for Germ Diodes
February 11, 2017, 07:07:08 PM
Looking for a place I can buy a nice bulk amount of not fake germ diodes..doesn't have to be the big package 1n34a's, 1n60p work just fine. I know smallbear stocks but does anyone have any good ebay sellings that they trust? What about other sites that sell germ diodes. My order will be for between 500-1k qty parts.

Hey ghouls and gals, been a while since i've posted anything here. Very busy in the world of pedals but not building custom ones for myself anymore... >:(

First off the spam alert is referring to this being a production build.

I wanted to post a unit that I'm quite proud of. ALL circuit design goes to Nick at Dunwich Amplification, I am merely a solder slave! The circuit is a new take on the Green Matamp GT120 amp that is very well known for some specific heavy bands usage. The unit has 3 gain controls allowing clean preamp tones (with tons of bass if you'd like) ala Peter Green all into that thick orange overdrive sound. From there you can pull nice distortion and then slam all three knobs max for that full blown out matamp foggy syrupy sludge fuzz. 2 band EQ and a seperate master volume makes this one living breathing beast! We're not including the clean blend standard but its built onto the pcb and all that needs is the one pot and a place in the case!  Enjoy!
Requests / 70's DOD boxes
March 14, 2014, 04:10:14 PM
I have a 680 Analog Delay from DOD that is just fantastic. I've seen the orange flanger and that one sounds great too. I know they used SAD1054 chips in these..any chance we could remake them like the old EHX. I think it as very fun and bringing up an otherwise obsolete project.
Open Discussion / Printing Laser Decals
July 04, 2013, 06:29:19 PM
I've been wanting to get into this for far too long and figure it's time to just invest in a printer that I know will work. Would love to hear peoples experience's and some recommendations on which printer will work well without fusing the decals to the roller! I plan on using the Papilio paper if that helps at all. Oh and I want to do Laser not Inkjet..Thanks!
Build Reports / Dunwich Amps Wizard Fuzz
May 01, 2013, 07:01:00 PM
Howdy all! Not many build reports from me as I'm constantly assembling the same pedal but here's a new one. This was designed by another individual who goes by the moniker of Dunwich Amplification. This was the first pcb prototype of this circuit (there's a few on a turret version) and I got the honor to build it as I'm gonna be assembling all his pedals done on pcbs. Needed a bit of tweaking as design was changed but now it's dooming hard.
Circuit is 6 stacked gain stages with a 12 position FAC knob (ala orange amps) and baxandall EQ section. Just got this thing sounding how I want last night...really smooth even fuzz sound yet raw and extremely gainy. FAC knob gives a nice range of depth and affects gain, values from 100pf up to 1uf. Still gets overly bassy with bass knob full but finally got unit to stop blocking.
Box is 1590DD, etch done by Handsome Beard Etching.

And the goods

Soundclips are of the turret version, I don't have good sound recording ablities.
Hey! Im gonna be here for the next two days hanging and wandering around. Love to hang with other pedal builders, rap about some circuits..anyone interested shoot me a PM  :)
Open Discussion / Circuits to cure cancer benefit
April 08, 2013, 05:48:32 PM
Hey everyone!! I came across this on facebook and thought it would be good to share and spread the word. Really great cause and Im definitely gonna contribute a shrine fuzz if I can get back home in time!
Just posted another one, great timing..

15% Discount Coupon Code : 666777
Valid till 1 April 2013 ( 6pm New York time )
**Please make sure to apply discount coupon during checkout, we can't apply it manually after checkout is completed.
Happy Shopping!
Thank you for choosing us.

I wish they would update some of the new pedal parts they said they have.
Requests / Reverse Reverb
September 06, 2012, 02:27:08 PM
This is something I've been wondering about for awhile now. Anybody know of any DIY projects for something like this? I've heard this effect described as glassy or something like that, really intrigues me.
Open Discussion / Roots
September 02, 2012, 05:59:14 PM
I absolutely love archiving old music and spend a decent amount of time when I can just searching for old heavy rock outfits from all over the world. So here's a super interesting discovery related to our pedal world and I was kinda mind blown to see this but it makes sense. So I came across this band....
If you read into the second paragraph you should see a name that's pretty familiar. I guess it makes too much sense this guy would be in a heavy pysch band from the time, the thing is so many bands didn't make commercial success and washed away with the time now frozen. I love coming across this kinda I dug a bit deeper and I was correct on my guess..

Pretty trippy band but its enjoyable...

Open Discussion / Hitting the road with Fu Manchu
August 17, 2012, 05:45:46 PM
Hey everybody!

The time has come again to get in the van and hit the road. Except this time we're starting on a plane!!
My friends band (The Shrine) have been working hard and got an awesome break opening up for Fu Manchu on their upcoming European tour. Many countries, a gig almost everynight its gonna be quite the ride. 

I'm lucky enough to get a spot in the van tagging along promoting my pedals. I'm doing my best to get as many units completed to take with me and put at their merch table. I would love to meet anyone on here. If your gonna be at any of these shows come find me! Really wanna connect and meet other Mad-beaners!!

Here's the flyer with the list of shows...
I'm so excited  ;D

How Do I? Beginner's Paradise. / Help With Switches
January 06, 2012, 02:04:03 AM
Switches seem to be one of my weakest points and what I know is from repetition completely. The Beavis Audio site has been so much help to much learning the basics of wiring up switches (SPST, SPDT, DPDT) along with diagrams people have posted here. I attempted to add a 3 way toggle switch and failed so I come asking for help.

I'm not quite sure what kind of switch I would want to use, I tried using a on-off-off thinking that the off position would give me the value soldered on the board. What I got was a dead spot.  :-\ I'm thinking if I used an on-on-on it would work but I probably have the wiring incorrect. Can anyone help?
Build Reports / Green Bomb Fuzz
November 18, 2011, 02:55:19 AM
First I must thank RnFR over at FSB for openly offering his creation and how it works. Next big thanks goes to Ian (irmcdermott) for his awesome layout (now verified)! I was very excited about the extra "shape" knob which I assumed would be a tone control. After building I felt it needed a little more so I decided to follow some RnFR's suggestions. First I changed the 50kb shape pot to a 50kA which sounds great. I changed the caps on the bases of the transistors from 0.1uF to 0.047uF (thin the sound) and the caps on either side of the Fuzz pot get changed from 0.1uF to 0.0022uF (really thin the sound). The first switch takes it from bass heavy to a pretty gritty treble sound. The second switch does thin the sound more but also adds gain to the circuit, especially in the gritty settings. On the gritty setting I can get pretty close to an Iron Butterfly fuzz. It sounds so good I didn't even change out the 2n3904's for BC109's yet!
First time I attempted etching an enclosure, wasn't so hard after all! I was going for a "bad" look..  :)

Build Reports / Foxx Tone Machine
November 18, 2011, 01:51:04 AM
Here's one I built about a year ago, but have not stopped loving any-less. It's a GGG kit that I bought before I started going full DIY. Regardless this pedal rocks!!! Having the octave on a footswitch is such an added bonus! If you don't have one (and your a fuzz freak like me) you'll need one!!  ;)

Build Reports / Mo Muff And a bit of Peach Fuzz
October 19, 2011, 09:40:31 PM
Here's a few more that I've been working on. First are 3 more Violet Rams Head BM's built on gruntboxes, such an awesome MB/CJ collab! I still have a nice stack of them  ;D
I wanted to try and build 3 of the same pedals w/ different caps, see if there was a huge change in tone between them. I used green Mylar in one, cheap-o ceramics in the second and poly film box caps on the third one. All the ceramics (.1uf) read in the .08-.09uf range so they were maxed on their tolerance. The rest measured out pretty close to what they should be. They were all very close with the ceramics sounding a bit more treble-y. While they all sounded great individually, there is just something about the one fitted with poly film caps. It made such pleasant sounds to my ears.
They all have Q1-3 emitter resistors bypassed, limiting resistors increased (think I'm gonna make them higher on the next builds, 15k-22k), mids knob added and tone stacked is slightly tweaked. The box cap version is for a very special doom metal guru, who I met this past summer and am quite excited to hear what he has to say about it.  :)
Open Discussion / Velcro
September 07, 2011, 07:07:38 PM
What velcro do you guys use to keep your pedals on your board? I bought some stuff from a local fabric store and everytime I take my PT-pro out of it gig bag, almost all my pedals have completely fallen off. It must be weak glue on the velcro that's on the pedals..
I found this stuff, any other suggestions?
Build Reports / MoRC
September 05, 2011, 10:25:34 PM
Here's a circuit I've been holding on to for awhile now. It's the guitarpcb Modified Ross Compressor. I was putting off getting the CA3080 until I checked on Ebay and found a little bulk of them for real cheap w/ free shipping. A friend's been asking me about this a lot so I decided to bust it out. Not to hard to assemble, everything went together really nicely in a 125B. My original plan was to pack it in a 1590B but I don't think it was gonna happen. I really like the sound of this circuit. It adds something I just can't put my finger on but I like it! A whole lot, I kinda don't wanna let go of it. As I bring both knobs to full volume it does get slightly noisy but also adds a sort of boost/light distortion that goes really nice with the compression effect. Through a tube amp its low end glory and amazing sustain!! Made my solid state little Crate practice amp come to life as well. Before building this I had no idea what I was missing, now I feel like I need one!!!

[attachment deleted by admin]
General Questions / Box Of Metal
July 31, 2011, 08:20:51 PM
IIRC there used to be a project titled Box of Rock and the other Box Of Metal. Now the names are all changed. I've never built either of these but I figure I'd give them a try. I'm guessing the Kokbox is the Box of Rock but which one is the BOM? Or was there never a BOM project?  :)
Open Discussion / Gericon
July 01, 2011, 03:25:13 AM
Have any of you tried this guys PCB's? They look really nice and it looks like he's got a nice footswitch PCB.
General Questions / Doom Butter
June 26, 2011, 06:41:32 PM
Getting ready to build the DoomButter I etched earlier this week. It's all straight forward except there isn't any value listed for the LDR. Can I use any LDR like 5k light 500k dark or does it need to be specific to the circuit?

Thanks  ;D